Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paint Can Overseals

When it’s the time for you to ship your goods stored in paint cans, you will most likely need paint can overseals. Paint can overseals help transport your goods, hazardous or not, to each destination safely.

These armlok paint can overseals work well with all Bay Tec paint cans as well as most cans from other suppliers. The overseals are designed, tested and passed the UN hydrostatic pressure test of 95 kpa. They are made of precision molded HDPE, which is easily installed with a mallet or paint can closer.

The paint cans conform the 49 CFR and meet UPS, USPS requirements. Coming in 100 case pack, available choices are overseals for ½ pint paint can, 1 pint paint can, 1 quart paint can, and 1 gallon paint can.

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