Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paint Cans and Pails

More varieties of paint cans and pails are offered in this section. Made of the finest quality of tin-coated steel, these cans and pails are great to contain paint, varnish and lacquer. Choices are also extended to unlined and epoxy-lined cans and pails for sensitive products.

The cans and pails are leak proof. They are constructed with double seam to ensure that the content is safely contained. If you are to fill the cans or pails with chemicals like latex paints or other water-base products, you are recommended to take the ones with gray epoxy lining. They will handle these products better.

Below are the complete list of the choices of paint cans and pails. The pails have wire bail handle with mounting ears while the cans don’t. But the cans are equipped with friction top lids.

Unlined Cans and Pails:

Epoxy-Lined Cans and Pails:

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