Thursday, May 12, 2011


Do you like keeping valuable memories but you simply don't have time (or you enjoy your good life too much) to make a scrapbook to keep those memories alive? Here is a great new idea: use a SCRAPBUCKET instead.

Never heard about scrapbuckets? Perhaps many others haven't either. This is an awesome idea for busy (or lazy) people who hate throwing memories away but could simply not have the time or the willing to start scrapbooking; leave alone decorating the scrapbooks.

All you need to have is a bucket. It can be a round bucket. It can be a square bucket. It can be 5 gallon, 2 gallon or even 13 gallon bucket. Choose the size of the pail based on your needs.

The next thing you have to do is to fill the pail in every time you collect something that is memorable to you. Perhaps the movie ticket you just watched with your new fling. Or the corsage you wore at your daughter's wedding. Obviously the advantage of a scrapbucket is that it can hold bigger things than just piece of paper or photograph.

If you will, you can also add a label or a tag with each memorable thing you are storing inside the scrapbucket with a date written on it. That way you won't lose track of time.

So how does it sound? Awesome, right? Get your scrapbucket now by buying one and only thing – a bucket.

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