Friday, May 6, 2011

Structural Foam Tilt Trucks Utility Duty ¾ Yard

There are quite some options when you want to buy a structural foam tilt truck. But these are the reasons why you should choose this Structural Foam Tilt Truck Utility Duty ¾ Yard.

It's heavy duty molded truck, ensuring it to be sturdy enough to hold 600 – 1000 lb capacity of medium to heavyweight goods.

It easily fits through standard, commercial and elevator door as well as tight quarters.

Easy to maneuver
With unique and ergonomic steering wheel handle, the structural foam tilt truck is easy to control and steer.

Easy to clean
The truck requires low to no maintenance. It's super easy to clean and its non-marking wheels and casters reduce a lot of touch up cleaning.

Not only those advantages above, the truck's frameless unibody design is in accordance with USDA Meat and Poultry Equipment compliance. Is this structural foam tilt truck for you? Only you know it. Available in 2 capacities: 600 lb truck and 1000 lb truck.

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