Monday, May 9, 2011

Using Bucket Opening Tools on 5 Gallon Buckets and Other Pails

There are several ways to open a 5 gallon bucket. We have the simplest method from simply using a screwdriver to pry the 5 gallon bucket lid open. And we also have the easier methods using tools that are designed specifically to open pails. Since using a screwdriver is a harder way to do that and it is also more dangerous for you to injure yourself before you even manage to open the pail, let's check out these bucket opening tools below.

Pail Lid Remover
The pail lid remover makes life easier when it comes to opening a tight seal of plastic 5 gallon bucket. This is simple to use and it is far from expensive to buy. With only less than 10 dollars to spend for this useful tool, you'll save your time to open the tricky bit of 5 gallon pails. You can view it in the video demonstrated below.

Steel and Plastic Lid Remover
What if you have to open steel pails? The above plastic lid remover can't do this job. This pail lid remover as shown on the left handles both steel and plastic pails. With solid steel construction, the pail lid remover manages to open pails made of both steel and plastic. The end hook opens steel pail lugs and the opposite reseals lugs. It also has a cutter for plastic pail lids and side tong to pry them off. Only slightly more expensive at $24.95 each, you can have this one tool for every pail opening job. Check it out here.

3 in 1 Pail Opener
For more difficult buckets, you might need 3 in 1 pail opener. Some buckets are sealed too tight they are almost impossible to open. Those UN rated pails are some of them. With this 3 and 1 pail opener, you can remove the lid easily as it is able to cut, lift and reseal pail lids. And even though the act of cutting may be required, it won't damage the cover gasket so you can still use the lid to close the pail again. This handy pail opener is made of cast aluminum and is available for purchase for under $50.

4 in 1 Bucket Tool
Then we have 4 in 1 bucket tool that can do everything the other pail openers do. This versatile tool opens plastic pails, steel pails and paint cans. And not only able to open pails and cans, the pocket-size tool can also seal paint can lids back! It's small and lightweight. And it costs less than 7 bucks. If you need to open regular pails (not UN rated ones) a lot, then you might need this 4 in 1 bucket tool.

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