Friday, June 10, 2011

IPL Commercial Series Food Containers

Especially when you work in the food service industry, you need to keep your products as fresh and safe as long as you can. There are some food containers you can check out. One of them is the IPL commercial series food containers.

Designed to keep the contents in the container fresh and safe, the IPL commercial series containers have the SHURE LOCK system, a snap on lid system that is believed to be one of the most reliable tamper evident systems in North America. The safety system is user friendly and easy to identify. If an attempt to open the container while being locked took place, the container would show the visual and physical evidence of this tampering.

The IPL commercial series food containers may or may not include a plastic handle, and the lid securely closes the container with no additional seal needed. Available in standard white (though other colors are possible to order with minimum order requirements), the IPL commercial series food containers are also microwave and dishwasher safe.
Choices come in different sizes with containers and lids sold separately. See this list below.

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