Saturday, June 11, 2011

IPL Industrial Series Plastic Pails

When keeping food products (or non-food products) in bulk, you will need good quality containers that will keep the stored items fresh and uncontaminated. You will need IPL Industrial series plastic pails.

IPL industrial series pails are leak proof with no gasket lids to help reduce packaging costs. With Shure-Lock system, the pails’ lids are much easier to lock and open than gasket lids. You don’t need to have an opening tool either to open the lids.

The industrial series pails are made of polypropylene, which allow you to do hot-fill applications as they show great strength. Each pail is equipped with a handle for easy transport.

These plastic pails come in white standard color. But you can order other colors with minimum order requirement (please contact us for that). Sizes are available from 2 gallon pails to 4 gallon ones. Check the following list for direct links.

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