Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Round Polyethylene Bottles with Shipping Boxes

Producing fruit juices or other types of food or non-food liquids will force you to find bottles or jugs of different sizes in order to release the products to the market. One good consideration is these Round Polyethylene Bottles/Jugs.

Made of high-density blow molded HDPE, the bottles and jugs offered here are of FDA-compliant resin. They are safe to contain food and drinks materials.

The bottles are designed to have a sleek easy-carry handle with large recessed label area, allowing you to put as little or as much detail on your label design.

The HDPE jugs are available in different bottle capacities, ranging from ½ gallon to 1 gallon, perfect for distribution to retail stores. You may choose one of these packages to suit your needs.
-          ½ gallon bottles in 6 packs
-          ½ gallon bottles in 70 packs
-          1 gallon bottles in 4 packs
-          1 gallon bottles in 6 packs

All of these bottles are sold with shipping boxes for your practicality. Click those links above to see more information.

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