Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rubbermaid BRUTE GreensKeeper for Vegetables

Although you have the Ingredient Bins to store most of your dry ingredients, you need another container for storing vegetables. The nature of vegetables is easy to rot when they are wet and not stored properly. In the mean time, if you are on the food service business, you may need to keep a lot of greens in bulk. How to keep them fresh and crisp for longer?

The answer lies in this Rubbermaid BRUTE Greenskeeper Container.

The white container is an ideal storage system for your greens. With a built-in reservoir inside the container, the veggies can drain themselves when wet, and therefore they will stay fresh and crisp longer. When you need some of the greens, you just need to grab it dry and ready to use.

The GreensKeeper container is available in white color and complies with FDA Code 3-302.15 for washing fruits and vegetables as well as with HACCP guidelines and USDA meat and poultry equipment group. Coming with the purchase of the container, a dolly will help you transport the container from one place to another easily. The smooth and seamless design also allows you to conveniently clean it.

Bay Tec has two sizes for this absolutely versatile container: 20 gallon and 32 gallon. Better get one now!

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