Friday, June 24, 2011

Rubbermaid Ingredient Bins

If you own a commercial kitchen, you will want to have no problem from the food inspection. In that case, these Rubbermaid Ingredient Bins may help you a lot to get a pass from them.

What are these ingredient bins? As the name calls, these are containers to keep different ingredients you keep in bulk. The bins have clear windows as well as ingredient lables, which make it easier for your cooks to identify what is inside each bin. The quality of the ingredients is kept at high level with the bins’ secure clasp lid while at the same time dispensing is still a very easy matter. A 32 oz scoop is provided with every purchase of each bin, where you can get the ingredient out of the bin easily through the sliding lid. The patent-pending scoop hook system helps reduce cross-contamination, as it is stored inside the bin but not touching the stored ingredient.

Made of durable industrial-grade plastic, these ingredient bins are big money-saving containers. The smooth surface of the bins will ensure easy cleaning maintenance and the 3-inch rolling casters make the bins so mobile to travel from one prep station to the others. Complying the FDA Food Code 3-304.12, these Rubbermaid Ingredient Bins are totally safe and efficient.

The ingredient bins come in slightly different models and sizes as listed below.
·         Sliding Bin Lid fits 3600-88
·         Sliding Bin Lid fits 3602-88
·         Sliding Bin Lid fits 3603-88

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