Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rubbermaid Square Food Storage Containers

When it comes to containers, there are always two different shapes involved: round and square. So is with food container. Rubbermaid, the well-known brand for containers, also has two types of food containers. One is round food containers, which we discussed here, and the other one is square food containers.

Why two different shapes? And which one to choose for your food products?

It’s just a matter of preference. Some people like round shape better, and some others like square. One thing for sure though, when you choose the square shape, you’ll most likely be able to save space. Most racks, shelves, fridges are in rectangular or square design. Therefore when you use square containers, you might be able to stack more containers than when you do with the round ones.

These square food containers in question are especially awesome because of the two different measurements they have on the sides of the containers. One side has the quart measurement in red and the opposite side has the liter measurement in blue. This is very convenient for you who need to know the exact volume of your stored goods.

NSF-certified, the Rubbermaid square food storage containers comply with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) guidelines.

You can choose between square food containers in clear polycarbonate and those in white polyethylene. The clear containers are break resistant and will give you better visibility of the content inside. The white polyethylene containers are strong and durable. Both types have handles for easy carrying and drain holes for proper washing and drying.

Lids are sold separately. These lids are of quality snap-tight fit kind which reduce leakage, help prevent spoilage and limit cross contamination. Though tight fit, the lids are easy to remove, thanks to the pull tab on one corner.

Sizes are available from 2 Quart to 22 Quart for both polycarbonate and polyethylene containers. Please check the full list here. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries. 

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