Friday, July 22, 2011

Economy Steel Drum Heaters

There are times when a business needs drum heaters. Winter is a good example. In some areas, things freeze more easily than the others. Especially when your business is closely related to fluid materials, you will most likely need to have a drum heater to avoid your stored goods from freezing and/or to maintain its viscosity.

There are different types of drum heaters, which we will elaborate in the next blog posts in series. In this post, we are going to talk about the economy drum heater for steel barrels.

The said economy steel drum heaters are wrapped in fiberglass reinforced silicone band of 3” wide and equipped with a spring clip to ensure perfect fit when hugging the barrel. These are the least expensive kind of steel drum heaters, yet designed to be heavy duty and long lasting. They are resistant to most chemicals and moisture as well as flexible when needed. Use the barrel heater to reheat the content of your drum or to reduce its viscosity so that it’s easier to pump it out. Wrap it around the lower third of your steel drum and plug it in to the electricity socket. Use more than one drum heater to make it reheat faster. After you are done with the barrel heaters, roll them up to store.

The economy drum heaters are available for 5 gallon to 55 gallon steel drums. You need to use different drum heaters for different drum sizes. Check the 5 gallon economy drum heaters15 gallon economy drum heaters30 gallon economy drum heaters and 55 gallon economy drum heaters.

These drum heaters are great for applications with chocolate, grease, etc. Check them out now. 

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