Thursday, July 7, 2011

Packaging : Round Decorated Tins

If you feel comfortable using plain seamless tins with the freedom to design your labels as you want, you should go ahead with them as discussed here. But if the ready-made, decorative tins are what is best and practical for you, you should be considering these round decorated tins for your packaging.

The cheerful designed tins are believed to be able to increase your product marketability. Featuring artworks from the world renowned artists and edgy Scottish Tartan Plaid patterns, the tins are perfect for businesses that require ready-made gift boxes or tins. The design is printed using high quality lithography process, ensuring smooth and nice appearance on your packaging.

Check out the following list of the different designs of the round tins:
-          1 lb tin with cover decorated in Thanks design, 24 packs.
-          1 lb tin with cover decorated in Things I Like About You design, 24 packs.

All these are available without minimum purchasing amount needed. 

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