Sunday, July 31, 2011

Plastic Drum and Pail Heater

For plastic drums and pails, you will need special heaters for plastic containers when you need to heat viscous liquids. Tempco drum heaters are perfect to accommodate that need. They’re inexpensive, strong-built, long lasting and resistant to chemicals.

Made of silicone rubber fiberglass to enable easy cleaning, the plastic container heaters work in thermostat range between 50° and 160°F at 120 volts and 300 watts (with choice of 120v and 750w if preferred). A purchase of this product will include a six-foot cord with three-pronged plug.

Directions of use:
Just attach a heater on the lower third of the drum or pail to make sure even heating (and not overheating at the top). Place more heaters if you want a speedier heating.

These plastic drum and pail heaters are available for different sizes of containers; from 5 gallon pail to 55 gallon drums. Click one of these links below to go to the specific heaters for specific container sizes.

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