Friday, July 15, 2011

Plastic Resin Information : LDPE

We have the High Density Polyethylene, consequently there is the Low Density Polyethylene. The latter is going to be today’s discussion.

General Facts
LDPE plastic resin is not as strong as HDPE. However, it does still perform very good impact resistance while at the same time being flexible in its nature. You can find LDPE plastic resin in clear plastic bags, bin liners, flexible food containers like those in squeezable honey, toys, flexible films, textiles and milk containers. You can also find it in laboratory equipments such as dispensing bottles and wash bottles.

Flexible, oil resistant, impact resistant, cold resistant, acid resistant, hazy transparent in color, and tough.

LDPE is compatible with acid, alcohol and food. It’s incompatible with hydrocarbons, ketones and strong oxidizing agents.

Storage Temperatures
LDPE withstands temperatures between -58°F and 176°F (or -50°C and 80°C).

Recycle Information
LDPE recycle symbol is 4 – meaning that it is safe for use with food and recyclable. Just make sure it ends up in the recycle company instead of the landfill. The products made from recycled LDPE include garbage bins, garbage liners, shipping envelopes, furniture, etc. If you don’t have access to a recycling program in your town, just reuse it if it allows. 


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