Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Portion Control Bottle

This one is a liquid dispensing bottle with portion control special feature. If you ever need to have the perfect, exact amount of liquid every time you need to use it, then you will need this portion control bottle, or more. Accurately measuring and dispensing in ½ oz and 1 oz increments, this type of bottles will help you a lot in storing and dispensing additives or other types of concentrates.

The portion control bottle is made of HDPE plastic and comes with a cap and a liner. There are two necks; one with the measuring chamber and the other one directly connected to the main chamber. Fill the liquid in from the direct neck opening. To get measured liquid, simply squeeze the bottle until the graduated dispensing chamber reaches the desired amount, and then dispense it.

This portion control bottle has the capacity of 32 oz. and is available to purchase with minimum 100 case packs. It's perfect for effective use of liquid products in the janitorial industries for example to reduce wastes and protect the environment. 

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