Friday, July 29, 2011

Silicone Rubber Band Heater

Here is an inexpensive way to heat your viscous liquids in your drum or pail: use a Silicone Rubber Band heater. As the name suggests, the heater is wrapped in 3 layer silicone rubber, making it flexible, easy to clean and good to avoid the materials sticking to it. It’s chemical resistant and equipped with adjustable thermostat. Three-pronged plug with six foot cord accompanies the 120 volt heaters, while the 240V one is not equipped with it.

Use: wrap your drum or pail with the silicone rubber band heater and place it at the lower third of the container. If you want to speed up the heating process, use more than one of these silicone rubber band heaters. Roll the heater after use.

The UL/cUL recognized heaters accommodate different sizes of steel drums and pails as listed below.

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