Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Type of Foods to Prepare for Emergency

We never know what tomorrow brings. Today the sun might be shining, the people around you laughing and there is nothing but positivity engulfing you at the moment. But later today or tomorrow (or next week and even next year), things can change. A single blow of earthquake or bad storm may destroy everything in a wink of an eye. That’s why it is good to always be prepared if one day an emergency situation should happen. One of the ways to be prepared is to store foods for the difficult time when food and water may be scarce. In this article we are going to discuss about the type of foods and drink that everyone should store for emergency.

This is the most important thing to store. Clean water can be very scarce during natural disaster while at the same time our body needs to take regular water to avoid dehydration. Keeping a few bottles or gallons of mineral water will help you survive the difficult times. Just make sure you keep the bottles or gallons in a sturdy box that won’t break when the roof or the wall falls on them.

Canned Foods
Canned foods are a great source of food at the time of disaster emergency. The food is edible as long as the can is not broken or dented. So make sure to keep the canned foods inside a sturdy box that won’t break when hit by heavy things.

Rice, lentils, flour, cereal, oats, etc. will make a great addition in your food storage. They are very fulfilling and give a lot of energy during emergency. What you need is a good food grade plastic container for each grain you are storing. Seal it well to ensure there will be no vermin infestation or it ever gets wet.

Emergency preparedness is important to survive unwanted natural disaster. Just make sure that the foods are contained properly. Last but not least, always label the containers with dates of expiry and regularly rotate the foods (use them before expiring and replace them with fresher ones).

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