Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Various Green Living Tips

It's not that hard to go green. It just needs a commitment from every individual and the world will be a much better place.

There are good ideas on websites that care about being green. All it takes is just one google away. Check out these amazing links to start your green life today.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cover Discs

For maximum protection for your drums, use cover discs before placing the lid of the drum. This will keep your items clean and protected from possible outer elements that the lid may bring. The cover discs we have are 4 mil thick and fit 55 gallon drums. Choose between Octagon cover disc (250 case pack) and Round cover disc (500 case pack).

Monday, August 29, 2011

Trash Liners

When liners are dedicated for containing trash, it is best to use reprocessed plastic materials like these Trash Liners. Made of premium linear Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with strong, ultra-dependable quality, the heavy gauge industrial liners are excellent choice for your trash disposing need.

Choose the right trash liners for you; choices come in Economical liners, Premium XX liners, and Steel Tuff Liners. Economical liners are standard liners made of single-pry virgin hexane resin that features leak resistance and star seal bottom seal. They are stretchable, tough and puncture resistant as well. These liners are perfect for light duty trash bag use and they are conveniently individually folded with dispenser box.

Premium XX liners are constructed from heavy gauge 1.6 mil single-pry reprocessed resins. They come in black opaque color and feature very strong plastic to hold tough materials. However, the toughest trash liners have got to be Steel Tuff Liners. Made of premium super hexane, these liners are able to withstand the toughest applications. Their strength is equivalent to 3 mil LDPE liners. Steel Tuff liners come in silver color and they are individually folded in a dispensing carton.

Make your choice of the best trash liners for you by clicking one of the links below.

Economical Trash Liners
-          7-10 gallon trash liners, 0.35 mil, 1000 packs
-          20-30 gallon trash liners, 0.40 mil, 250 packs
-          33 gallon trash liners, 250 packs
-          40-45 gallon trash liners, 250 packs
-          40-45 gallon trash liners, 125 packs
-          55 gallon trash liners, 250 packs

Premium XX Trash Liners
-          15 gallon trash liners, 400 packs
-          20-30 gallon trash liners, 100 packs
-          33 gallon trash liners, 100 packs
-          40-45 gallon trash liners, 100 packs
-          55-60 gallon trash liners, 100 packs

Steel Tuff Liners
-          40-45 gallon trash liners, 50 packs
-          55-60 gallon trash liners, 50 packs
-          55 gallon trash liners, 50 packs

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1 Gallon Paint Can Liner

This post will show you a great way to save your employees’ time and cost for merely cleaning paint cans: use paint can liners!

Studies show that the average cost to clean up is about $67.00 per day, including the employees’ time, and cost and disposal of thinner. Use the paint can liner, and you’ll eliminate losing money and time as the liner keeps your can clean for future use and your employees’ time can be utilized to do more productive and profitable assignments.

The 1 gallon paint can liner is made of disposable, recyclable polyethylene. You can nest the liners easily on top of one another to save freight and space. Take one before use and slip it into the prepared paint can. Take out the dirty liner and simply dispose it to leave the can clean for the next use. You can’t go wrong with using this paint can liner. Order now!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Conductive Heavy Duty DrumRight Liners

Another option for conductive liners apart from the Conductive Straight Bottom Drum Liners we talked about yesterday is the Conductive Heavy Duty (PTFE) Drumright Liners. Withstanding temperature as high as 550°F, these liners are made heavy duty so that it gives more protection to the stored item from possible contamination.

Made of all-fluoropolymer material, the liners are known to be flexible and heavy duty that they resist tears, at the same time having a superior flexing capability. The fluoropolymer material, thanks to its excellent release properties, also allows the liners to be easily cleaned and reused.

Choose between food grade style liners and non-food grade conductive style liners for anti static applications. These liners are available for both 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails. Check it out now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Conductive Straight Bottom Drum Liner

Now it’s time for great news for you who need a drum liner for containing flammable product: Conductive Straight Bottom Drum Liner. The liner is awesome to use for both shipping and storing wet or dry flammable items, like coatings, adhesives, solvents, paints and materials prone to static electricity buildup.

The conductive straight bottom drum liner is made of flexible heat sealed carbon loaded LDPE that resists heat as well as weak acids, methanol, ethanol and isopropanol. It also slows the attack of weak alkalines and ketones. It’s great to use with any viscosity liquid and any powder, paste or particulate, thanks to the excellent tensile strength and high resistance to flex cracks. And to put everybody at ease, the conductive drum liner meets MIP-P-82646, MIL-B-82647 and NFPA 56A specifications.

This liner has extra length that allows you to tie the bag up at the top to protect contents. With the surface resistivity range of 103 – 105 G/square and volume resistivity less than 3000G-cm, the Conductive Straight Bottom Drum Liner will be a perfect addition for storing and shipping your flammable contents.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rigid Drum Liners

There are flexible drum liners and there are rigid drum liners. Right now we are going to talk about the latter. Rigid drum liners are self-supporting liners made of 1/8” thick polyethylene. The plastic is FDA-compliant under 21 CFR 1520©3.1 and 3.2. These liners are designed to have smooth side walls, offering excellent resistance to chemicals and making them very easy to clean. The top lip is curled to prevent seepage of liquid into drum. If you use it as a stand-alone container (instead of lining a drum), the see-through liners let you easily check the liquid level.

You can choose between two available sizes: 18”x28” and 22”x35”. The first is only available in straight side style, while the 22”x35” liners come in both straight side style and tapered style. Check the links to learn about the offered prices, or contact us for further assistance. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Straight Bottom Flexible Drum Liners

If the other drum liners seem to be financially out of reach for you, you should take a look at these Straight Bottom Flexible Drum Liners. They are the most economical drum liners in the market while at the same time still perform excellently in keeping your drums clean and protect contents from contamination.

Made of clear Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), these liners have straight heat-sealed bottom seam; thus the name. The straight bottom flexible drum liners are constructed of FDA-compliant material, assuring safe use with food products.

Choose between fold-back liners if you want to pull the liners back over the top rim of drum and tie-top liners that have extra length at the top so you can tie and close it quickly. Available sizes come in 30 gallon drum liners to 85 gallon drum liners.

With a bargain on the price and the flexibilities they offer, these straight bottom flexible drum liners are definitely not to miss. Check them out now!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ultraliner Drum Liners

Among the so many non-UN drum liners we have discussed before, it’s time to get Ultraliner drum liners on the spotlight. Made especially for UN-specification drums, the Ultraliner drum liners have the best, highest performance compared to their non-UN counterparts.

Suitable for use with all 55 gallon steel, plastic and fiber drums, Ultraliner drum liners are very, very strong. They are strong enough to allow pumping with follower plate and be involved in high speed mixing. Constructed of at least FDA-compliant 18 mil plastic, Ultraliner drum liners have paper-thin top lip to avoid leakage which will not interfere with proper drum sealing. The liners have smooth but heavy walls, clear of wrinkles or folds that could trap contents. These drum liners are able to take temperatures from -40°F to 175°F; if you want, you can even have Ultraliner made of polypropylene to withstand heat up to 300°F and to protect contents from chemicals through special order.

You can also get Anti-Static Ultraliner to work with sensitive applications like paints, fine powders and other volatile materials. The Anti-Static Ultraliner meets standard MIL-B-81705-C. It contains an internal anti-static agent to reduce static buildup.

Go over Ultraliner drum liners complete list here, and order these very useful liners for your UN-spec drums now.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Round Bottom Flexible Liners

Round bottom flexible liners are perfect for you who would like to get every bit of your product used instead of wasted. The flexible liners allow you to get your product intact, compared with the typical flat liners that have corners and creases that possibly trap your product. These flexible liners don’t have folds or wrinkles that could lock in stored items. So these are really the answer for the expensive materials you never want to lose.

The round bottom flexible liners are designed to perfectly conform inside the drum. Made of FDA compliant material, the liners are good to use with both food and non-food products. Use the flexible liners to keep your drums clean and prevent the stored items from contamination.

Choose between fold-back liners and tie-top liners. The fold-back liners can be pulled back over the rim of the drum. The tie-top liners have extra length so they can be tied at the top for fast, convenient closing. Available sizes vary from 5 gallon to 55 gallon with three types of liner materials to suit different needs; i.e. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) for general use, Chemical Resistant (CR) to withstand various kinds of chemicals that attack polyethylene, and Polypropylene Hot Fill (PP) that is able to handle hot applications up to 300°F. See the complete list below and let us know if you have any question.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Seamless Drum Liners

Save your drum and time using the Seamless Drum Liners! Clean the drums less and delay that time when you need to get rid of your drums due to wear. Seamless drum liners keep your drums clean and protect them from early damage as well as eliminate contamination from stored products.

Made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), the drum liners are FDA compliant and safe for use with food products. Drum liners with Anti-Static LDPE are also available for use in flammable areas. These drum liners come in pink color and are able to reduce static buildup.

The seamless drum liners are designed to fit comfortably inside the drum and the contoured top lip prevents them to slip. Choices come between straight-side liners and pleated-side liners. Straight side liners are best to use with new drums. They have rigid smooth wall and are easy to insert into the drums. Pleated-side liners have accordion wall to adjust to different drums with different heights. These liners are best to use with reconditioned drums.

These seamless drum liners are available for drums sized from 12 gallon to 55 gallon. See our complete list of seamless drum liners below.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bucket and Pail Liners

After understanding the versatility of pail liners and why we should use them, it is only natural that we start looking at the so many different types of bucket and pail liners out there. Basically bucket and pail liners we are discussing today are not those looking like plastic bags. These liners are pretty solid and still at the same time they protect your pails and buckets from dirt and save them for next reuse.  These liners are ideal for batch mixing, food or non-food items thanks to their FDA compliant resin, and they are perfect fit for any standard 5 gallon pails.

These buckets and pail liners are made of different plastic resins to suit your needs. Some are made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), which is intended for general use. Some others are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to provide better resistance to inks, adhesives and paints. For liners used in flammable areas, you are advised to take pail liners made of Anti-Static LDPE and HDPE. They come in pink color and they are molded with a special static-dissipating agent to withstand such areas. Then there are also bucket liners made of Polypropylene (PP), which as semi-rigid shape and are best used for hot-filling applications as they withstand higher temperature.

Another feature of these pail liners is they have contoured lip snaps, which enable them to fit snuggly on standard 5 gallon buckets and prevent slippage. You can also choose between the straight-sided pail liners (designed for use with steel pails) and the tapered pail liners (great for plastic pails). Available sizes vary from 2 gallon pail liners to 5 gallon pail liners. Check out your choices below.

-          Tapered HDPE 3.5 gallon pail liners for plastic pails, 160 packs (on sale)
-          Tapered HDPE 5 gallon pails for plastic pails, 100 packs
-          Tapered LDPE 5 gallon pails for plastic pails, 100 packs
-          HDPE 5 gallon cradle pail liners, 200 packs

If you are not sure which pail liners suit your buckets, don’t hesitate to email us for further assistance.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Use Pail Liner or Drum Liner?

When such question is raised: “Why do we need to use pail liner or drum liner?” the answer is clear: to serve its very own function; i.e. making our life easier. It’s practical, it keeps the pail or drum clean, it prevents the container from damaging and it allows us to reuse the pail and the drum over and over again.

Imagine if you don’t have pail liner or drum liner. You’ll have to carry the whole container to empty it, and then clean it once it’s emptied. Perhaps it is no such big deal for pails, but for 55 gallon drums? Surely it is not the most convenient thing to do. With pail or drum liner, all you need to do is grab the end of the liner, pull it out of the pail or drum to remove, then immediately reuse the pail or drum after a new liner is placed. Easy.

Pail liner and drum liner keep the pail and the drum clean from any substance which had the liner not been placed, could have been troublesome to clean. The liners prevent such thing to happen and they also save your time to clean every time you are done using your pail or drum.

Durable pail and drum make happy owner
And the liners keep your pail and drum durable, away from early damages caused by the stored item. The less possibility for you to change your containers, the less money you need to spend and the less destruction is made to the environment.

When environment is concerned, everyone is responsible. Yes, the pail liners and the drum liners are plastic, but they are recyclable plastic. Most pail and drum liners are made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), plastic resin that is flexible, oil resistant, impact resistant, tough and recyclable. This means if this type of plastic is sent to the recycling program in your city, it can be turned into new liners or other types of products that are still useful in our lives.

So yes, do use pail liner and drum liner to protect your pails and drums and to make your life easier.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hinged Lid Containers

Some containers are made solely for the function purpose. Some others give style to the product stored inside; like the Hinged Lid Containers. Not only do they look fine, sleek and classy, they also perform well keeping the containers air tight and moisture resistant. Designed with the ever versatile snap lid, these containers close securely and ideal to store health and beauty products, soaps, food, inks and pharmaceutical items. Made of high quality polyethylene, the containers are strong and unbreakable. Stock is in standard white, but feel free to email us for inquiry for other colors. In the mean time, check out the available sizes for the Hinged Lid Containers.

§  ¼ oz hinged lid containers, 1800 case pack
§  ½ oz hinged lid containers, 1400 case pack
§  1 oz hinged lid containers, 800 case pack
§  1 oz hinged lid containers, 650 case pack
§  2 oz hinged lid containers, 475 case pack
§  4 oz hinged lid containers, 225 case pack

Monday, August 15, 2011

Polystyrene Wide Mouth Jars

Another type of wide mouth jars that you can choose apart from the polypropylene jars is Polystyrene Wide Mouth Jars. Made of (obviously) polystyrene or PS, the jars come in crystal clear look, supplied with white polypropylene cap. It’s FDA compliant, making it safe for use with food and it can also be easily recycled.

Choose from 2 oz to 32 oz Polystyrene Wide Mouth Jars as specified below.

These jars are great choice for your packaging need. It’s inexpensive, it exhibits nice display of what’s inside because of the clear color of the jar, and it’s light. You should really take a look at it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Polypropylene Wide Mouth Jars

These Polypropylene Wide Mouth Jars are especially perfect to contain bigger items. Available in white color, an easy background color under the label you are to put on the packaging, the jars are made of FDA compliant plastic resin – Polypropylene. They are totally safe to store food products and durable (though more breakable compared to HDPE). The jars also have wide chemical resistance, which makes it convenient for the safety of the stored items. Most recycling companies accept containers made of white polypropylene (and these jars are white!) so don’t be worried that you might be contributing into the destruction of the nature by using unrecyclable plastic; because you won’t with the PP jars.

The polypropylene wide mouth jars are equipped with white polypropylene caps with F-217 liner. Sizes vary as described in the following:

Call or email us to order!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

HDPE Wide Mouth Jars

In storing solid things like powders and granules, you will need containers with wider mouth for easy dispensing and filling, like the HDPE wide mouth jars. The wide opening will make it very convenient for filling grains and liquids alike.

The Wide Mouth Jars are made of FDA compliant HDPE resin, making them safe to store food products. They’ve got straight sides for easy filling and the jars come with white polypropylene cap with F-217 liner.

Choices vary in sizes; from as small as 120 cc to one gallon jars. Check them out in the following list and enjoy the SALE prices of all of these wide mouth jars.

§  120 cc wide mouth jars, in 225 packs
§  ½ pint wide mouth jars, in 172 packs
§  ½ pint wide mouth jars, in 160 packs and in natural colors
§  250 cc wide mouth jars, in 135 packs
§  1 pint wide mouth jars, in 70 packs
§  1 pint wide mouth jars, in 148 packs and in natural colors
§  625 cc wide mouth jars, in 60 packs
§  750 cc wide mouth jars, in 51 packs
§  1 quart wide mouth jars, in 36 packs
§  1 quart wide mouth jars, with 89-400 caps in 68 case packs

Friday, August 12, 2011

HDPE Modern Round Bottles

If you prefer bottles with more modern style, these Modern Round HDPE bottles should be considered. Made of FDA compliant plastic resin, the bottles are a perfect call for containing your food products as well as acids and caustics. They have funnel neck for trouble-free dispensing and the HDPE makes sure that the bottles are impact resistant, durable and recyclable.

These HDPE modern round HDPE bottles are available in natural color and in 3 sizes. Choose from 8 oz HDPE modern round bottles, 16 oz HDPE modern round bottles or 32 oz HDPE modern round bottles. Purchase them complete with the white polypropylene caps in 144 case packs.

Note: Not to be used with solvents and essential oils.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

HDPE Cylinder Bottles

In need of smaller packaging bottles to contain your cosmetic or cleaning products? Why not take a look at these HDPE cylinder bottles? It’s FDA compliant, making it safe to store edible goods as well. Made of HDPE that is precisely blow-molded into cylinder bottles, the bottles are a perfect answer to your packaging need. Buying these HDPE bottles will get you white polypropylene cap with F-217 liner. Coming in natural color, choices come in various sizes as listed below:

·         1 oz cylinder bottles, 144 packs (on SALE now!)
·         2 oz cylinder bottles, 144 packs
·         4 oz cylinder bottles, 144 packs
·         8 oz cylinder bottles, 144 packs
·         8 oz cylinder bottles, natural colors, 144 packs
·         16 oz cylinder bottles, 144 packs
·         32 oz cylinder bottles, 144 packs
·         32 oz cylinder bottles, natural colors, 144 packs

Check them out now!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

F-Style Polyethylene Bottles

These HDPE bottles are similar with the Polyethylene bottles with handles we discussed yesterday. The only difference is the style of the bottles. F-Style polyethylene bottles have square body and a handle on the top for easy carrying. The shape resembles the F letter, thus the name.

F-style HDPE bottles
The F-style polyethylene bottles are made of high density blow molded HDPE, adding a lot of strength in the containers as well as assurance for use with food products. HDPE is known as one of the safest plastic materials for containing food items and it’s also recyclable. This particular F-style design has large label area, which helps a great deal if you want to create more personality on your packaging.

The bottles come in varieties of sizes and 2 choices of colors: natural and white. Check out which one of these is your preference for your products.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Polyethylene Bottles with Shipping Boxes

When packaging liquid, there are many types of containers that can be used. These can appear in the form of bottles and jars made from glass or plastic. In this occasion we will concentrate on plastic bottles with handle that come with shipping boxes.

Great to contain floor products, milk and other types of liquids, the bottles are made of blow molded HDPE. They’re strong, safe (don’t leach plastic chemicals to food products) and durable. Designed with a side hollow handle to enable easy pouring and carrying, the bottles have plenty of space for label area. Bottles are equipped with white polypropylene cap with polyethylene foam liner as well as shipping box.

Choose from the varieties of these polyethylene bottles as listed in the following:

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to email us

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thermostat and Infinite Control for Drums and Pails

Another good product of drum and pail heating equipment is Thermostat/Infinite Control. Functioning to increase flow rate of viscous materials such as honey, chocolate, and light oils, the Thermostat/Infinite Control is perfect for heating drums and buckets made of steel and plastic.

The Thermostat/Infinite heating control is designed simple. A spring-loaded toggle clamp is connecting both ends for easy installation and removal. The heat is distributed evenly over the entire heating surface with three choices of heating controls, outfitted with neon pilot light and 6’ power cord.

There are two choices of heating control of this type: Thermostat control and Infinite (Variable) Control, both equipped with Three-Heat Switch. Thermostat Control is especially designed for use with steel drums and pails containing materials with good heat receptivity; while Infinite Control is best to use on the same drums containing items that are prone to charring, burning or separation. The thermostat bulb is good to sense temperature in a distant area from the heating elements; therefore it can keep the heat balanced in all parts of the container. On Infinite Control, the thermostat is missing so it won’t keep the temperature in certain preset temp. However, it counts on the three wattage ranges for the heat control. Check out this list below of different Thermostat/Infinite Controls with different voltages, temperature settings and container sizes.

For 55 gallon drums
For 55 gallon drums
For 55 gallon drums

For 55 gallon drums

For 55 gallon drums

For 30 gallon drums
For 30 gallon drums
For 30 gallon drums

For 16 gallon drums
For 16 gallon drums
For 16 gallon drums

For 5 gallon pails
For 5 gallon pails
For 5 gallon pails

All these Thermostat and Infinite Controls are offered with one-year warranty. Units are not moisture-proof or explosion proof. Keep it away from flammable area.

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