Saturday, August 27, 2011

1 Gallon Paint Can Liner

This post will show you a great way to save your employees’ time and cost for merely cleaning paint cans: use paint can liners!

Studies show that the average cost to clean up is about $67.00 per day, including the employees’ time, and cost and disposal of thinner. Use the paint can liner, and you’ll eliminate losing money and time as the liner keeps your can clean for future use and your employees’ time can be utilized to do more productive and profitable assignments.

The 1 gallon paint can liner is made of disposable, recyclable polyethylene. You can nest the liners easily on top of one another to save freight and space. Take one before use and slip it into the prepared paint can. Take out the dirty liner and simply dispose it to leave the can clean for the next use. You can’t go wrong with using this paint can liner. Order now!

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