Monday, August 1, 2011

Economy Square 4 Gallon Plastic Buckets

Looking for the ever so versatile buckets that are economical as well? You should start looking at these economy square 4 gallon plastic buckets in our list. Not only are they useful in many applications, they also come in different vibrant colors to help you identify contents easily. Let’s see what good things can come up from the 4 gallon square pails.

Advantage 1 – Food grade
The square 4 gallon buckets are made of FDA compliant materials, making them safe to store food-related items.

Advantage 2 – Enough strength
These buckets are 75 mil, slightly stronger than the normal buckets sold in your typical hardware stores. If you need stronger buckets, you should check out our 90 mil 5 gallon buckets.

Advantage 3 – Nest easily
When unused, the buckets nest easily, allowing you to save even more space in the storage room.

Advantage 4 – Store more
They’re square! Store more items inside and save more rack space, too. The shape allows you to organize them neatly on the shelves without wasting any space.

Advantage 5 – Easier identification
The buckets are available in different colors, enabling you to identify stored items easily even before reading the content labels. Available colors are white, blue, red, purple, yellow, green, black and gray. You can purchase the matching lids separately here.

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