Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Full Coverage Insulated Drum Heater

Another type of drum heater than the heater band discussed before is the full coverage insulated drum heater. This drum heater is able to deliver heat for 55 gallon drums made of steel, poly and fiberglass.

The full coverage insulated drum heater is a great asset for you who think that time is of a delicate essence. The drum heater can reheat drums faster with more even heat all through. It also serves more protection against freeze and controls viscosity more efficiently.

The heater comes in the form of a blanket filled with fiberglass with 33 ¾” height which fits 22 ½” diameter 55 gallon barrel. Wrap this heating blanket around your 55 gallon drum and lock it conveniently and easily with the VELCRO closure. The silicone surface will help prevent chemicals and moistures. The heater’s heating elements are placed in the lower third of the blanket, preventing it to overheat a half full drum. A built-in thermostat and a 6’ cord are attached in the drum heater, though plug is not available.

This drum heater blanket is available in two choices: heating blanket with 120 volt and heating blanket with 240 volt. Both have the same 1600 wattage.  

You should check out those links if you think that this drum heating blanket is for you. 

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