Friday, August 5, 2011

Full Coverage Insulated Heaters for Poly and Fiberglass Drums

If you own 55 gallon steel, poly and/or fiberglass drums and you want to heat your drums evenly, you might want to check out this Full Coverage Insulated Heater for poly and fiberglass drum. Generating even heat all through the drum, the full coverage insulated heater is definitely an efficient way to elevate temperature, control viscosity and protect drums against freeze.

The 33 ¾” tall insulated heater works well for heating non-hazardous materials stored in 55 gallon drums. It’s constructed of high density fiberglass with silicone surface to resist chemicals and moisture. The heating elements are located in the lower third of the blanket so there will no overheating when drum is not full. Equipped with built-in digital thermostat and 6’ cord (but no plug), the heater works at temperature range of 50°-160°F at 750 watts.

To use, simply wrap the heating blanket around the drum and fasten easily and quickly with the attached VELCRO closure. Two choices are available for this full coverage insulated heaters: 120v Insulated heaters and 240v Insulated heaters.

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