Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hinged Lid Containers

Some containers are made solely for the function purpose. Some others give style to the product stored inside; like the Hinged Lid Containers. Not only do they look fine, sleek and classy, they also perform well keeping the containers air tight and moisture resistant. Designed with the ever versatile snap lid, these containers close securely and ideal to store health and beauty products, soaps, food, inks and pharmaceutical items. Made of high quality polyethylene, the containers are strong and unbreakable. Stock is in standard white, but feel free to email us for inquiry for other colors. In the mean time, check out the available sizes for the Hinged Lid Containers.

§  ¼ oz hinged lid containers, 1800 case pack
§  ½ oz hinged lid containers, 1400 case pack
§  1 oz hinged lid containers, 800 case pack
§  1 oz hinged lid containers, 650 case pack
§  2 oz hinged lid containers, 475 case pack
§  4 oz hinged lid containers, 225 case pack

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