Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ultraliner Drum Liners

Among the so many non-UN drum liners we have discussed before, it’s time to get Ultraliner drum liners on the spotlight. Made especially for UN-specification drums, the Ultraliner drum liners have the best, highest performance compared to their non-UN counterparts.

Suitable for use with all 55 gallon steel, plastic and fiber drums, Ultraliner drum liners are very, very strong. They are strong enough to allow pumping with follower plate and be involved in high speed mixing. Constructed of at least FDA-compliant 18 mil plastic, Ultraliner drum liners have paper-thin top lip to avoid leakage which will not interfere with proper drum sealing. The liners have smooth but heavy walls, clear of wrinkles or folds that could trap contents. These drum liners are able to take temperatures from -40°F to 175°F; if you want, you can even have Ultraliner made of polypropylene to withstand heat up to 300°F and to protect contents from chemicals through special order.

You can also get Anti-Static Ultraliner to work with sensitive applications like paints, fine powders and other volatile materials. The Anti-Static Ultraliner meets standard MIL-B-81705-C. It contains an internal anti-static agent to reduce static buildup.

Go over Ultraliner drum liners complete list here, and order these very useful liners for your UN-spec drums now.

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