Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Use Pail Liner or Drum Liner?

When such question is raised: “Why do we need to use pail liner or drum liner?” the answer is clear: to serve its very own function; i.e. making our life easier. It’s practical, it keeps the pail or drum clean, it prevents the container from damaging and it allows us to reuse the pail and the drum over and over again.

Imagine if you don’t have pail liner or drum liner. You’ll have to carry the whole container to empty it, and then clean it once it’s emptied. Perhaps it is no such big deal for pails, but for 55 gallon drums? Surely it is not the most convenient thing to do. With pail or drum liner, all you need to do is grab the end of the liner, pull it out of the pail or drum to remove, then immediately reuse the pail or drum after a new liner is placed. Easy.

Pail liner and drum liner keep the pail and the drum clean from any substance which had the liner not been placed, could have been troublesome to clean. The liners prevent such thing to happen and they also save your time to clean every time you are done using your pail or drum.

Durable pail and drum make happy owner
And the liners keep your pail and drum durable, away from early damages caused by the stored item. The less possibility for you to change your containers, the less money you need to spend and the less destruction is made to the environment.

When environment is concerned, everyone is responsible. Yes, the pail liners and the drum liners are plastic, but they are recyclable plastic. Most pail and drum liners are made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), plastic resin that is flexible, oil resistant, impact resistant, tough and recyclable. This means if this type of plastic is sent to the recycling program in your city, it can be turned into new liners or other types of products that are still useful in our lives.

So yes, do use pail liner and drum liner to protect your pails and drums and to make your life easier.

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