Thursday, September 29, 2011

55 Gallon Drum Thermometer

If your drum heater is not equipped with built-in thermometer, it only makes sense to buy a separate thermometer to see if your drum’s content temperature is as desired and to avoid overheating. This 55 gallon drum thermometer is worth checking out.

Made of 304 stainless steel with a safety glass and shatter resistant lens, the said drum thermometer resists corrosion and shock. With large 3” easy-to-read dial and hermetically sealed dial mechanism, it’s resistant to moisture damage, chemical attack and vibration.

The drum thermometer is ¼” in diameter and its stem is 18” long. This allows it to measure the fluid temperature accurately while being heated. If you need the stem to be shorter or longer, just place a special order with us for customization.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ThermaZip Insulating Jacket

Another choice of keeping drum temperature during winter is by using ThermaZip Insulating Jacket for 55 gallon drums. Made of polyurethane foam with safety vinyl jacket, the insulating jacket will keep the cold weather out of the way and maintain drum’s temperature.

The drum insulating jacket wraps around a 55 gallon drum up to 23” outside diameter, equipped with a patented locking track that is designed for easy installation and removal. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses and the insulated end cap makes sure the drum gets fully insulated.

ThermaZip Insulating Jacket is available in 1” thick jacket and 1 ½” thick jacket. You should check them out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Full Coverage Insulating Drum Blanket and Heater

For faster and more even heating, use this full coverage insulating drum blanket and heater. The blanket heater is perfect for use with 55 gallon steel, poly and fiberglass drums to efficiently elevate temperature and protect content from freezing. It also serves as viscosity control for non-hazardous materials, ensuring them to be easily flowed or dispensed when needed.

The blanket is 33 ¾” tall and fits 55 gallon drums with 22 ½” diameter. The heating elements are in the lower third of the insulating blanket to prevent overheating if drum is not full. Made of high density fiberglass and silicone-impregnated surface to act as a blockade to chemicals and moisture, the heater is an easy-to-install-and-remove blanket due to its wrap-around design and VELCRO lock. The blanket heater is equipped with built-in digital thermostat and 6’ cord.

Should you be interested in this product, contact us for further assistance.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Drum Quilt and Pallet Insulators

Drum quilt and pallet insulators make perfect blankets for 4 55-gallon drums or a 275 gallon IBC. With patented multilayer insulating technology, the quilt provides excellent barrier to freezing, heat, conduction, convection, moisture, radiation and condensation damage to temperature sensitive contents.

The layered insulating system of these insulators gives protection to non-mechanical thermal variation so that the stored contents in the 55 gallon drums or IBC are kept safe. This quilt is especially useful if you work with both 55 gallon drums and IBCs. During winter, it’ll keep the containers from freezing and it certainly is a versatile protection when you need to transport these containers to another place.

Check this drum quilt insulator now! Or if you prefer having a smaller insulator that fits only one 55 gallon drum, check out our 55 gallon drum insulator blanket.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

55 Gallon Non-Electric Drum Insulator Blanket

Delivering a 55 gallon drum full of temperature-sensitive liquid content may be tricky especially during winter season. If we want to avoid trouble with clients regarding their frozen contents, it may be a good idea to stock one or some of these 55 gallon Non-Electric Drum Insulator Blankets.

Also great to prevent freezing on storage drums, the non-electric drum insulator blanket acts as an excellent barrier between drums and elements like heat, freezing and condensation damage. It’s all thanks to the patented multilayer insulating technology applied to this blanket. The layered insulating system is made to deliver non-mechanical thermal variation protection to the blanketed drum. Each layer is meant to act as a barrier to any heat transfer mechanisms, including convection, moisture, conduction and radiation.

The insulator blanket is ruggedly built and designed for easy installation. Contact us if you are interested in this product.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Non-Electric Insulators

Drum quilt and pallet

Non-electric insulators are extremely useful to act as a barrier of heat, freezing, conduction, convection and moisture to moving containers. Naturally you can also use them in storage for temperature sensitive products. In the upcoming winter, it is definitely a very good idea to have some of these insulators to keep the work going.

There are a few models that you can choose based on your individual needs. There is a single 55 gallon drum insulator blanket, Drum Quilt and Pallet that can work for 4 palatalized drums and IBCs/Totes, Full Coverage Insulating Drum Blanket for 55 gallon drums, and Thermazip Insulating Jacket for 55 gallon drums that are available in 1” thickness and 1 ½” thickness.

We will discuss about each of these in the upcoming blog posts. Stay tune.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blanket Heater for Plastic IBC

For plastic IBCs, heating is made possible with these blanket heaters. Available in Single Zone and Dual Zone, the blanket heaters transfer heat to products stored in plastic IBC without harming the container.

The plastic IBC blanket heater works efficiently with its silicone-insulated spiral-wound resistance element inside the composite nylon or coated glass fabric jacket. Both single zone and dual zone heaters are designed to handle winter warming tasks up to 104°F and they withstand temperature to 0°F while operating on 110v.

Made of 0.5 mm PVC-coated polyvinyl, both models have four pairs of straps and buckles for convenient installation and removal. While the Single Zone heater has its heating element wrapped in the lower two-thirds, the Dual Zone heater’s heating element is placed in upper and lower parts of the blanket to accelerate the heating process up to 140°F. If you add a matching insulated lid, you will have added time efficiency since heating will go faster. Need to place the IBC outside? Protect both the heater and the IBC with the waterproof 2-piece cover.

If you have a plastic IBC, this type of heater and accessories should interest you well. Contact us for further assistance.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wrap-Around Plastic Tote Tank and IBC Heater

Slow moving products like honey or lube oil can be very hard to dispense. Winter time can even be a nightmare for one to get the honey out of containers like Tote Tank and IBC. But this is when the Wrap-Around heater for plastic Tote Tank and IBC comes handy.

With full coverage plug and play system; the wrap-around heater solves your dispensing problem. As you install the heater to your plastic tote tank or IBC, the heat is going to be transferred to the content inside and make it runnier and easier to dispense. The heater is designed to heat in a non-invasive manner so that it won’t contaminate or burn the product.

Made of silicone impregnated cloth and liner filled with ¼” fiberglass insulation, the heater is equipped with 2 adjustable nylon straps with buckles across the top and 3 around the tank. You can find a “mouse hole” for spigot accessibility and may choose (optional) additional insulated top cover for faster heat-up and temperature maintenance.

The wrap-around heater fits various sizes of plastic tote tanks; from 40” x 40” to 48”x 48”. Choose from three available heights: 36”, 40” and 48”. With adjustable thermostat from 50° to 160°F, you may choose from two separate heating zones. See your options on the models below:

Check out the links above if you are interested or contact us for further assistance. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IBC and Tote Tank Power Blanket Heaters

For IBCs and Tote tanks, you may want to consider the Power Blanket Heaters. These heaters deliver rapid heat to contents stored in both plastic and steel IBCs, as well as TOTE tanks. The adjustable thermostatic controller, 8 THERMO, and the patented PowerBlanket heat-spreading technology assure the temperature of contents steady and safe.

The Power Blanket heaters can be installed easily as the adjustable nylon straps wrap around the surface of IBCs and TOTE tanks as they deliver heat to desired temperature. Working with 1050 watt and 8.75 amps, heaters will arrive to your door ready to use. Available in sizes of 275 gallon and 330 gallon

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sahara Hot Boxes

Hot boxes are one of the alternatives to transfer heat to your drums or pails to keep your liquid content stay liquid during cold winter time. The boxes work with electric or steam system to heat the containers and they can contain all pails, drums and IBC’s.

These hot boxes are able to contain 1, 2 or 4 55-gallon drums in single unit, as well as IBC drums (the same unit used for containing 4 drums). Pails of different sizes can be heated too inside the hot boxes. Made of heavy-duty steel construction, the boxes include spill containment and 14 gauge steel exterior and 3” of 6# density mineral wool insulation.

Choose between electric hot boxes and steam hot boxes that include optional features, such as shelves, air circulation blower, temperature controls, zero ground clearance and outdoor service package. Check out the full list below.

2.       1 drum steam hot boxes
4.       2 drum steam hot boxes

Or do you have preference on sizes that are not mentioned above? Call or email us to place special order.

To see other types drum heaters, click here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Heating Drums and Pails during Cold Times

As the weather is getting colder by the end of the year, there are specific needs that need to be addressed for the drums and pails at the storage area. Especially when you are storing liquid materials in your 55 gallon drums, you might most likely have them either thicken or frozen. If this is not handled properly, the quality of the liquid may be decreased, or worse, destroyed. This is the time when you need to heat your drums.

There are several drum and pail heaters that you can choose from, based on your needs and the type of your drums or pails. Check out some of the useful heaters below and decide which ones your containers may need.
Full Coverage Insulated Drum Heater

Obviously, these heaters are designed specifically to heat steel drums. Choices come in the forms of heater bands, full coverage heating blanket, and pail and drum heating jackets. Available also are the drum heaters for hazardous area (T4A rating). Heater bands are useful especially when you don’t want to overheat the areas that are empty (like in half full drum). The full coverage heating blanket is good if you want to heat all the area of the drum slowly. While the drum heaters for hazardous area are designed especially to address the needs of heating drums in dangerous areas with their marvelous auto ignition temperature that shuts off automatically when the drum reaches the temperature limit.

With similar choices as the steel drum heaters, the plastic drum heaters are made to protect contents kept in plastic drums or pails from freezing. You may choose to have the heater bands and heating blanket.

These non-electric insulators are ultimately useful when you want to keep your liquid content stay liquid during transportation from one place to another. The quilt wraps the drum and protects it from any kinds of heat transfer; such as conduction, moisture, convection and radiation. They can also be used for storage drums.

In this section, you do not only find heating blankets for drums and pails only. You can heat propane cylinder, spray foam, roof and floor, etc. Also found here are concrete curing, thawing and warming power blanket, ground thawing blanket, and snowmobile heating. Check them out.

Hot boxes are perfect if you want to heat several drums and pails at the same time. One unit can take up to 4 55-gallon drums as well as IBC drums. With heavy duty steel construction, you may choose between steam hot boxes and electric hot boxes.

Drum immersion heater is a drum heating tool that focuses on heating contents directly from the bottom of the drum. Several styles are available for this type of heater, including bung entering immersion heater and over the side immersion heater.

The heaters here are designed especially for the IBC’s and tote drums. With different styles like Power Blanket, Wrap Around Blanket and Blanket heater for Plastic IBC, you can get one that suits your drum need the most.

Which heater will you choose to protect your buckets, drums and their contents this winter? Your pick.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Protective Safety Coveralls

Different jobs need different protection. Manufacturer employees have different protective needs than medical workers. This time we are going to focus on those who work closely with chemical substances, where the Tyvek Protective Safety Coveralls come handy.

What is Tyvek?

Tyvek is a synthetic material made of HDPE. The plastic resin is normally described as very strong but still recyclable. Tyvek provides good resistance to tear while at the same time when you cut it with scissors, it can easily open up. It also allows vapor to pass through the substance while at the same time preventing liquid penetrating the surface. Tyvek normally comes in white color and highly effective to protect workers from lower risk threats. It’s perfect for occupancies such as auto and machine mechanics, insulation installers and painters. Medical workers are found to wear some protective clothing made of Tyvek, too. Other advantages of Tyvek include flexibility which allows wearers to move, bend and stretch easily, and its nature of being low static.

Bay Tec offers Tyvek Protective Safety Coveralls that describe all the great features above. They’re lightweight, low-lining, waterproof and chemical resistant. Designed with shirt-collar style with easy glide zipper front, the coveralls fit Category III, Type 5/6 safety. They can be used in electrostatic conductive environment if properly grounded. Available in various sizes, including Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large. Why don’t you check them out now and see if these could be the answer for your business need?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Peltor Optime 101 Earmuffs

Get the best of the best hearing protection by taking some of these Peltor Optime 101 Earmuffs! Shielding your hearing from both noises of low and high frequencies up to 101 decibles, the earmuffs are a great bargain for the workers’ hearing health safety in the long run.

With Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 27 db, the Peltor Optime 101 Earmuffs have the potential to be one of your favorite things to wear at the workplace! They comply with ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2 regulation and provide supreme protection at higher noise levels with their brilliant attenuation.

Peltor Optime 101 Earmuffs offer liquid foam filled ear cushions that ensure comfortable fit and wear throughout the day. The earmuffs are designed to have simple height adjustment without projecting parts and a two-point suspension system to maximize comfort.

Have a look at these incredible earmuffs and save during checkout by ordering in box quantities (10 per box).

Friday, September 16, 2011

EAR Ultra Fit Earplugs

An option of reusable hearing protection other than EAR Express Pod Plugs is EAR Ultra Fit Earplugs. Not only do these earplugs reusable, they are also washable! Made of non-toxic and non-allergenic advance polymer material, the earplugs are safe and hygienic to use as well as very comfortable and durable.

EAR Ultra fit earplugs are designed with triple flange look that hugs the ear canal, which therefore increases attenuation. The longer stem functions as the holding area when user wants to insert or remove the earplugs. This way the earplug surface that is in contact with ear canal does not get dirt that may be unhygienic and dangerous for ear health.

These corded earplugs reduce noise up to 25 dB and comply with ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2. If you need reusable hearing protection with design that is safe for ears, EAR Ultra Fit earplugs may be the answer.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

EAR Express Pod Plugs

If you want none of the disposable earplugs like Max Earplugs or Max Lite Earplugs, you can opt for EAR Express Pod Plugs. Available in assorted bright colors, EAR Express pod plugs are reusable and hygienic, perfect for frequent use of pod plugs in noisy workplaces.

The earpods are especially useful due to the patented InstaSeal TM system feature that combines a unique pod shape and a soft grip. The shape of the soft foam is designed as such that it has a slow recovery time and user can get secure fit every time. Thanks to the shape also, the pod won’t be easily shifted or dislodged as the result of jaw movement. The soft flexible grips make them easy to insert and remove.

The EAR Express pod plugs comply with ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2 regulation while reducing noise up to 25 dB. Each pair is nicely and safely packaged in reusable pillow pack. Order these corded assorted color pod plugs now. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Max Lite EarPlugs

An alternative to the standard disposable Max Earplugs is the Max Lite Earplugs. Slightly lighter on the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) with 30 dB, Max Lite Earplugs still give awesome hearing protection. Compliant to ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2, these earplugs feature non-irritating and non-allergenic surface.

Max Lite Earplugs are designed to be single use, yet for long term wear. They are made of low pressure polyurethane foam that conveniently expands gently to self-adjust and to fit any ear canal size. This advantage is especially enjoyed by workers with smaller ear canals. The T-shape is also intended for easy handling.

Choose either the Corded Max Lite Earplugs or the Uncorded Max Lite Earplugs for your protection during work and ensure workers’ safety once and for all. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Max EarPlugs

Another earplugs variation besides EAR Classic Earplugs is Max EarPlugs. With pre-shaped foam, these disposable bell-shaped earplugs shine with their number one feature: smooth outer skin. The surface is so smooth user can get the maximum comfort a pair of earplugs can give. Furthermore, it’s also soil resistant, making it able to filter dirt before inserted to user’s earlobes.

For one-time use earplugs, Max EarPlugs has the highest Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) with its 33 dB noise reduction. This automatically qualifies the plugs to comply ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2.

Max Earplugs are available in coral color, packaged in a poly bag. Choose between Corded Max Earplugs and Uncorded Max Earplugs. Check out these cool hearing protection products or email us for further assistance. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

EAR Classic Earplugs

Noisy working environments are annoying but sometimes inevitable. If this is the case in your workplace, make sure you stock some earplugs for your employees. EAR Classic earplugs are one of the options that helps prevent hearing damage from prolonged exposure to high level noise.

Being the first foam earplugs invented and distributed, EAR Classic earplugs gets to be one of today’s most popular earplugs in the world. Made of PVC foam, the earplugs are able to excellently reduce noise to 29 dB and compliant to ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2. Other highlights of this product is the easy-to-use cylindrical shape, soft for all day comfort, non-allergenic, resistant to moisture, non-flammable.

The yellow earplugs are available in two kinds: uncorded earplugs (packaged in pillow pack) and corded earplugs (packaged in poly bags). Each box contains 200 pairs. Get them now.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

List of Most Important Protection Products Needed in an Industry

Worker safety is key in any industrial areas. Each workplace may have different needs of protective equipments, depending on the nature of the job. Building construction areas require workers to wear hard hats. Companies that use welding torches should protect their workers’ eyes with appropriate safety measures. Those that have high noise level need to equip the workers with hearing protection. With the different needs in mind, we can categorize the most important industrial protection products as described in the following.

Eye Protection

Eyes are part of human body that are very delicate yet highly crucial. Damage to eyes isn’t only painful, but could be permanent if eye safety is not cared properly. Therefore, for a workplace where injuries to eyes are prone to happen, eye protection is a must-have thing. This includes working safety glasses or goggles for prevention and eye wash station for immediate first aid.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is as important as eye protection if noise level in the workplace is destructive to our hearing. Earplugs might be helpful in this sort of environment.

Head Protection

When there is risk that something may fall on to people’s head, head protection is needed. Hard hats would help protect our delicate head from such accident and they’ll also help keep the injuries minimum.

Hand and Arm Protection

Hands and arms need to be protected, too, especially when working with hazardous products. Gloves are the obvious protection in this case. Choose the right gloves for handling certain hazmat and keep the safety level in your company high.

Whole Body Protection

Then there is also the type of work that poses workers’ whole body to dangerous contamination. Safety clothing or coveralls should help protect employees of this hazardous exposure.

Worker safety is highly important. Your little investment to reduce the risk of your employees getting injured now saves a lot of money of healing treatment in the long run. Have you protected your working environment with appropriate safety equipments?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Closed-Head Plastic Jugs

Closed-head plastic jugs are the ideal containers for storing liquid items such as milk, water, soap and chemical products. Choose between 5 or 6 gallon closed-head plastic jugs to contain your fluid goods.

These closed-head plastic jugs are made of 100% high molecular weight HDPE and are UN-rated for containing hazardous products. The containers are also compliant with FDA and USDA regulation (screw cap not included), making them safe for use with food contact and other agriculture products.

The jugs have an easy-grip 180° swing handle with molded-in bottom grip for convenient dispensing. The interior is smooth and seamless, with top and bottom parts of it designed to be stackable for easy storing. The round closed-head plastic jugs are also equipped with in-line spout for complete draining and also fit for hot fill application up to 160° F.

Choices come in 5 gallon, 6 gallon and 20 liter sizes in white, natural and blue colors. Get some of these Round Closed-Head Plastic Jugs while they’re on sale now!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Stainless Steel Long Handle Dippers

Dippers made of stainless steel are ideal for use with food and pharmaceutical sampling. They are easy to clean and the all welded and polished 304 stainless steel body prevents collection of residue. Choose the right stainless steel long handle dippers for you in the following sizes:

If you prefer polyethylene dippers to stainless steel, check out this post.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Standard Open Head Steel Drums

These are the open head steel drums you might want to store your (non-hazardous) products. They’re strong and long-lasting, they have interior that either inhibits rust or resists chemical with its epoxy-phenolic lining, and they can be of different colors if your wish.

All open head steel drums here are supplied with plain cover. The steel drums are standard duty and great to store liquids like inks, detergents, non-hazardous chemicals, lubricants, etc. Bung openings can be specially configured to be either on the cover or on the side of the drum.

Choose the steel drums for you below. All drums here are offered in black, unless requested. Minimum order for non-black colors is 25 pieces.

You’d better check these steel drums ASAP. They are on SALE

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eco Friendly Lunch

Go eco-friendly and start packing your own lunch now! This way you’ll do the earth a favor by using less disposable eatery utensils, like what most likely happens in fast food restaurants or Chinese takeaways.

Use reusable food storage containers
Reusing is a part of recycling. The more you use reusable stuffs in your life instead of disposable ones, the less the environment is going to suffer. In this case, get reusable food storage containers for your lunch, the kids and other members of the family.

Pack cloth napkins
Cloth napkins are washable and reusable. Pack these instead of paper-made ones. This will save some trees from being cut.

Avoid pre-packaged foods
Take your own reusable bottle of juice or other drink materials. No juice or milk boxes for your lunch. Better yet, just drink the tap water in a glass or a reusable plastic cup.

You’ll feel better to be contributing in the health of the environment, and yourself, by taking these eco friendly lunch steps.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crane-Style Drum Scale

Another type of drum scale is the one with crane style. The crane-style drum scale works with battery and performs very well with 0.1% accuracy. It’s ideal for weighing applications, lifting and force measurement.

The crane drum scale is all-electronic device with no moving parts. There is an integral stainless steel load sensor covered with solid red polyurethane and housed in aircraft grade aluminum. It makes the crane drum scale a high impact scale to begin with. Digital indicator included in the crane drum scale shows 1” high graphics for easy viewing.

How to weigh drum with crane drum scale:
Attach a drum sling to the scale. If a hoist is not available, convert a lift truck with a swivel hook fork attachment.

The crane drum scale takes 1000 lbs containers. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Self-Powered Drum Scale

Would you like a drum scale that doesn’t require any external power? Self-Powered drum scale is the answer. No external power use means no explosion hazard. Stay safe and economical with this drum scale.

The explosion-proof drum scale takes up to 800 pound capacity, making it perfect for batching and process control applications. With a low profile, 27” x 27” platform for easy loading, the hydraulic load cell scale performs ½ of 1% accuracy. The drum scale is great to weigh 18” to 24” diameter containers. You can disconnect the indicating dial and mount it remotely. The dials are equipped with 5’ tubing or longer.

There are three different models for these Self-Powered Drum Scales based on the mount and the platform. You may choose either a drum scale with pedestal mount and epoxy-coated platform, a drum scale with pedestal mount and stainless steel platform, or a drum scale with remote mount and stainless steel platform. Check them out now.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Low Profile Drum Scale

Low profile drum scale

Let’s talk about drum scale. There are times when you need to weigh your drum (and its content) to provide clients with the weight of your product. Then you should start considering getting yourself a drum scale. The humble-looking yet effective and accurate one is this Low Profile Drum Scale. With a surface of 36” x 36”, the drum scale is only 1 3/8” off the floor and able to measure 55 gallon drums or other containers weighing up to 1000 lbs.

The portable scale is approved by NTEP, assuring that it’s a reliable device to weigh your drums. It doesn’t require any mounting pit and the “live” side rails accept pallets or oversized loads. The self-contained drum scale is constructed of steel, equipped with two loading ramps. There is a wall mounted indicator with 5-digit LED readout, serial interface and membrane-type keyboard. Measure your drums in pounds or kilograms, this scale performs in both.

Sounds like a good drum scale for you? Check out this link for the price or contact us for further assistance.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Semi-Automatic Drum Filling System

For filling drum effectively and easily, use this Semi-Automatic Drum Filling System. This ready-to-use drum filling system is able to fill a 55 gallon drum in just 45 seconds, and it works with 30 gallon drums too!

The semi-automatic drum filling system offers superior features but still economical at the same time. Some of the features include drum filler that is suitable for filling 30 and 55 gallon drums, making it perfect to do small and/or big filling operations. It’s also great to work with most chemicals since all wetted parts are made of stainless steel with PTFE seals.

Directions of use:
Place empty drum on the system platform and simply push the start button. This only button is designed to make operation easy and the microprocessor control makes sure that filling is accurate (approx. .5 lb based on 3 sigma) time after time.

Technical information:
Using water at 30 PSIG and 110 Gallon per Minute | 1000 pound capacity | 115 VAC | 1A | 80 PSIG compressed air | 24”W x 28”D x 85”H.

If you are interested on this product, check out the further information here or contact us for more assistance.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Top Quality Automatic Drum Siphon Filler

Are you taking so much time having your containers filled? If you feel that, you definitely need one of these Automatic Drum Siphon Fillers. using the automatic drum filler, you will be able to fill 5 to 20 containers per minute with low-viscosity and solid free liquids.

The drum fillers are constructed with 36” long of 304 stainless steel filler tray and 316 stainless steel spouts. There is a check valve to prevent drips when you remove containers. Purchasing this top quality automatic drum siphon filler will include five saddle assemblies and heavy-duty steel stand.

Fill your containers, ranging from 1 pint to 1 gallon, automatically and conveniently with this Automatic Drum Siphon Filler. You can supply the tank either by gravity or using a pump. The tank level will be automatically maintained by a 316 stainless steel float valve.

Spouts are not included in the purchase of this automatic drum siphon filler, but we do have the stock of spouts for easy ordering. Use 5 spouts with ¾” O.D. for half gallon and 1 gallon containers. For smaller containers, the filler can take up to 8 spouts. However, if you use 8 spouts, you will need 3 more saddle assemblies. Check out the list of spouts and nozzles below.

-          Saddle assembly

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Long-Handle Polyethylene Dippers

When you need to frequently do sampling assignments from hard-to-reach areas like tanks, vats or lakes, do consider having some of these Long-Handle Polyethylene Dippers. With several top features like anti-rust, anti-corrode and anti-contamination, these dippers are perfect to use in many applications, including those with hazardous chemicals.

Made of 100% HDPE, the long handled dippers are FDA compliant material, and thus are safe for use with edible substance. The bowl is rigid and attached to handle at 45° angle to make easy pouring. Handle diameter is 1 ¼” and is offered in various lengths from 36 inches to 144 inches. See below for the complete list of these dippers.

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