Friday, September 23, 2011

Blanket Heater for Plastic IBC

For plastic IBCs, heating is made possible with these blanket heaters. Available in Single Zone and Dual Zone, the blanket heaters transfer heat to products stored in plastic IBC without harming the container.

The plastic IBC blanket heater works efficiently with its silicone-insulated spiral-wound resistance element inside the composite nylon or coated glass fabric jacket. Both single zone and dual zone heaters are designed to handle winter warming tasks up to 104°F and they withstand temperature to 0°F while operating on 110v.

Made of 0.5 mm PVC-coated polyvinyl, both models have four pairs of straps and buckles for convenient installation and removal. While the Single Zone heater has its heating element wrapped in the lower two-thirds, the Dual Zone heater’s heating element is placed in upper and lower parts of the blanket to accelerate the heating process up to 140°F. If you add a matching insulated lid, you will have added time efficiency since heating will go faster. Need to place the IBC outside? Protect both the heater and the IBC with the waterproof 2-piece cover.

If you have a plastic IBC, this type of heater and accessories should interest you well. Contact us for further assistance.

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