Saturday, September 10, 2011

Closed-Head Plastic Jugs

Closed-head plastic jugs are the ideal containers for storing liquid items such as milk, water, soap and chemical products. Choose between 5 or 6 gallon closed-head plastic jugs to contain your fluid goods.

These closed-head plastic jugs are made of 100% high molecular weight HDPE and are UN-rated for containing hazardous products. The containers are also compliant with FDA and USDA regulation (screw cap not included), making them safe for use with food contact and other agriculture products.

The jugs have an easy-grip 180° swing handle with molded-in bottom grip for convenient dispensing. The interior is smooth and seamless, with top and bottom parts of it designed to be stackable for easy storing. The round closed-head plastic jugs are also equipped with in-line spout for complete draining and also fit for hot fill application up to 160° F.

Choices come in 5 gallon, 6 gallon and 20 liter sizes in white, natural and blue colors. Get some of these Round Closed-Head Plastic Jugs while they’re on sale now!

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