Monday, September 26, 2011

Drum Quilt and Pallet Insulators

Drum quilt and pallet insulators make perfect blankets for 4 55-gallon drums or a 275 gallon IBC. With patented multilayer insulating technology, the quilt provides excellent barrier to freezing, heat, conduction, convection, moisture, radiation and condensation damage to temperature sensitive contents.

The layered insulating system of these insulators gives protection to non-mechanical thermal variation so that the stored contents in the 55 gallon drums or IBC are kept safe. This quilt is especially useful if you work with both 55 gallon drums and IBCs. During winter, it’ll keep the containers from freezing and it certainly is a versatile protection when you need to transport these containers to another place.

Check this drum quilt insulator now! Or if you prefer having a smaller insulator that fits only one 55 gallon drum, check out our 55 gallon drum insulator blanket.

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