Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Full Coverage Insulating Drum Blanket and Heater

For faster and more even heating, use this full coverage insulating drum blanket and heater. The blanket heater is perfect for use with 55 gallon steel, poly and fiberglass drums to efficiently elevate temperature and protect content from freezing. It also serves as viscosity control for non-hazardous materials, ensuring them to be easily flowed or dispensed when needed.

The blanket is 33 ¾” tall and fits 55 gallon drums with 22 ½” diameter. The heating elements are in the lower third of the insulating blanket to prevent overheating if drum is not full. Made of high density fiberglass and silicone-impregnated surface to act as a blockade to chemicals and moisture, the heater is an easy-to-install-and-remove blanket due to its wrap-around design and VELCRO lock. The blanket heater is equipped with built-in digital thermostat and 6’ cord.

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