Monday, September 19, 2011

Heating Drums and Pails during Cold Times

As the weather is getting colder by the end of the year, there are specific needs that need to be addressed for the drums and pails at the storage area. Especially when you are storing liquid materials in your 55 gallon drums, you might most likely have them either thicken or frozen. If this is not handled properly, the quality of the liquid may be decreased, or worse, destroyed. This is the time when you need to heat your drums.

There are several drum and pail heaters that you can choose from, based on your needs and the type of your drums or pails. Check out some of the useful heaters below and decide which ones your containers may need.
Full Coverage Insulated Drum Heater

Obviously, these heaters are designed specifically to heat steel drums. Choices come in the forms of heater bands, full coverage heating blanket, and pail and drum heating jackets. Available also are the drum heaters for hazardous area (T4A rating). Heater bands are useful especially when you don’t want to overheat the areas that are empty (like in half full drum). The full coverage heating blanket is good if you want to heat all the area of the drum slowly. While the drum heaters for hazardous area are designed especially to address the needs of heating drums in dangerous areas with their marvelous auto ignition temperature that shuts off automatically when the drum reaches the temperature limit.

With similar choices as the steel drum heaters, the plastic drum heaters are made to protect contents kept in plastic drums or pails from freezing. You may choose to have the heater bands and heating blanket.

These non-electric insulators are ultimately useful when you want to keep your liquid content stay liquid during transportation from one place to another. The quilt wraps the drum and protects it from any kinds of heat transfer; such as conduction, moisture, convection and radiation. They can also be used for storage drums.

In this section, you do not only find heating blankets for drums and pails only. You can heat propane cylinder, spray foam, roof and floor, etc. Also found here are concrete curing, thawing and warming power blanket, ground thawing blanket, and snowmobile heating. Check them out.

Hot boxes are perfect if you want to heat several drums and pails at the same time. One unit can take up to 4 55-gallon drums as well as IBC drums. With heavy duty steel construction, you may choose between steam hot boxes and electric hot boxes.

Drum immersion heater is a drum heating tool that focuses on heating contents directly from the bottom of the drum. Several styles are available for this type of heater, including bung entering immersion heater and over the side immersion heater.

The heaters here are designed especially for the IBC’s and tote drums. With different styles like Power Blanket, Wrap Around Blanket and Blanket heater for Plastic IBC, you can get one that suits your drum need the most.

Which heater will you choose to protect your buckets, drums and their contents this winter? Your pick.

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