Sunday, September 11, 2011

List of Most Important Protection Products Needed in an Industry

Worker safety is key in any industrial areas. Each workplace may have different needs of protective equipments, depending on the nature of the job. Building construction areas require workers to wear hard hats. Companies that use welding torches should protect their workers’ eyes with appropriate safety measures. Those that have high noise level need to equip the workers with hearing protection. With the different needs in mind, we can categorize the most important industrial protection products as described in the following.

Eye Protection

Eyes are part of human body that are very delicate yet highly crucial. Damage to eyes isn’t only painful, but could be permanent if eye safety is not cared properly. Therefore, for a workplace where injuries to eyes are prone to happen, eye protection is a must-have thing. This includes working safety glasses or goggles for prevention and eye wash station for immediate first aid.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is as important as eye protection if noise level in the workplace is destructive to our hearing. Earplugs might be helpful in this sort of environment.

Head Protection

When there is risk that something may fall on to people’s head, head protection is needed. Hard hats would help protect our delicate head from such accident and they’ll also help keep the injuries minimum.

Hand and Arm Protection

Hands and arms need to be protected, too, especially when working with hazardous products. Gloves are the obvious protection in this case. Choose the right gloves for handling certain hazmat and keep the safety level in your company high.

Whole Body Protection

Then there is also the type of work that poses workers’ whole body to dangerous contamination. Safety clothing or coveralls should help protect employees of this hazardous exposure.

Worker safety is highly important. Your little investment to reduce the risk of your employees getting injured now saves a lot of money of healing treatment in the long run. Have you protected your working environment with appropriate safety equipments?

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