Sunday, September 4, 2011

Low Profile Drum Scale

Low profile drum scale

Let’s talk about drum scale. There are times when you need to weigh your drum (and its content) to provide clients with the weight of your product. Then you should start considering getting yourself a drum scale. The humble-looking yet effective and accurate one is this Low Profile Drum Scale. With a surface of 36” x 36”, the drum scale is only 1 3/8” off the floor and able to measure 55 gallon drums or other containers weighing up to 1000 lbs.

The portable scale is approved by NTEP, assuring that it’s a reliable device to weigh your drums. It doesn’t require any mounting pit and the “live” side rails accept pallets or oversized loads. The self-contained drum scale is constructed of steel, equipped with two loading ramps. There is a wall mounted indicator with 5-digit LED readout, serial interface and membrane-type keyboard. Measure your drums in pounds or kilograms, this scale performs in both.

Sounds like a good drum scale for you? Check out this link for the price or contact us for further assistance.

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