Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Max EarPlugs

Another earplugs variation besides EAR Classic Earplugs is Max EarPlugs. With pre-shaped foam, these disposable bell-shaped earplugs shine with their number one feature: smooth outer skin. The surface is so smooth user can get the maximum comfort a pair of earplugs can give. Furthermore, it’s also soil resistant, making it able to filter dirt before inserted to user’s earlobes.

For one-time use earplugs, Max EarPlugs has the highest Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) with its 33 dB noise reduction. This automatically qualifies the plugs to comply ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2.

Max Earplugs are available in coral color, packaged in a poly bag. Choose between Corded Max Earplugs and Uncorded Max Earplugs. Check out these cool hearing protection products or email us for further assistance. 

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