Saturday, September 24, 2011

Non-Electric Insulators

Drum quilt and pallet

Non-electric insulators are extremely useful to act as a barrier of heat, freezing, conduction, convection and moisture to moving containers. Naturally you can also use them in storage for temperature sensitive products. In the upcoming winter, it is definitely a very good idea to have some of these insulators to keep the work going.

There are a few models that you can choose based on your individual needs. There is a single 55 gallon drum insulator blanket, Drum Quilt and Pallet that can work for 4 palatalized drums and IBCs/Totes, Full Coverage Insulating Drum Blanket for 55 gallon drums, and Thermazip Insulating Jacket for 55 gallon drums that are available in 1” thickness and 1 ½” thickness.

We will discuss about each of these in the upcoming blog posts. Stay tune.

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