Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sahara Hot Boxes

Hot boxes are one of the alternatives to transfer heat to your drums or pails to keep your liquid content stay liquid during cold winter time. The boxes work with electric or steam system to heat the containers and they can contain all pails, drums and IBC’s.

These hot boxes are able to contain 1, 2 or 4 55-gallon drums in single unit, as well as IBC drums (the same unit used for containing 4 drums). Pails of different sizes can be heated too inside the hot boxes. Made of heavy-duty steel construction, the boxes include spill containment and 14 gauge steel exterior and 3” of 6# density mineral wool insulation.

Choose between electric hot boxes and steam hot boxes that include optional features, such as shelves, air circulation blower, temperature controls, zero ground clearance and outdoor service package. Check out the full list below.

2.       1 drum steam hot boxes
4.       2 drum steam hot boxes

Or do you have preference on sizes that are not mentioned above? Call or email us to place special order.

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