Thursday, September 8, 2011

Standard Open Head Steel Drums

These are the open head steel drums you might want to store your (non-hazardous) products. They’re strong and long-lasting, they have interior that either inhibits rust or resists chemical with its epoxy-phenolic lining, and they can be of different colors if your wish.

All open head steel drums here are supplied with plain cover. The steel drums are standard duty and great to store liquids like inks, detergents, non-hazardous chemicals, lubricants, etc. Bung openings can be specially configured to be either on the cover or on the side of the drum.

Choose the steel drums for you below. All drums here are offered in black, unless requested. Minimum order for non-black colors is 25 pieces.

You’d better check these steel drums ASAP. They are on SALE

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