Friday, September 2, 2011

Top Quality Automatic Drum Siphon Filler

Are you taking so much time having your containers filled? If you feel that, you definitely need one of these Automatic Drum Siphon Fillers. using the automatic drum filler, you will be able to fill 5 to 20 containers per minute with low-viscosity and solid free liquids.

The drum fillers are constructed with 36” long of 304 stainless steel filler tray and 316 stainless steel spouts. There is a check valve to prevent drips when you remove containers. Purchasing this top quality automatic drum siphon filler will include five saddle assemblies and heavy-duty steel stand.

Fill your containers, ranging from 1 pint to 1 gallon, automatically and conveniently with this Automatic Drum Siphon Filler. You can supply the tank either by gravity or using a pump. The tank level will be automatically maintained by a 316 stainless steel float valve.

Spouts are not included in the purchase of this automatic drum siphon filler, but we do have the stock of spouts for easy ordering. Use 5 spouts with ¾” O.D. for half gallon and 1 gallon containers. For smaller containers, the filler can take up to 8 spouts. However, if you use 8 spouts, you will need 3 more saddle assemblies. Check out the list of spouts and nozzles below.

-          Saddle assembly

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