Thursday, October 27, 2011

Multiple Uses of 55 Gallon Drums

55 gallon drums can be used in so many ways other than merely storing liquid or solid items. We have found the links below with pictures and videos how people creatively turn unused 55 gallon drums into something useful. What could be better for the environment than reuse your drums like these?

Homemade Barrel Train

55 Gallon Drum Smoker

Recycled 55 Gallon Barrel Chair

Instruction here.

55 Gallon Drum Charcoal Grill

Instruction here.

It’s interesting to learn that unused 55 gallon drums can be turned into something useful, isn’t it? Rather than ignoring them after use or burying them underground with hardly any chance they’ll ever degrade, the idea of reusing and inventing these things is absolutely marvelous. Have you been inspired?

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