Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why We Have to Use Drum Proportioner

There are a number of reasons why companies should use proportioner when mixing chemical or other liquid concentrates with water is concerned. And here are why.

To get the right proportion of solution

As the name suggests, proportioner’s main function is to balance out the proportion of the solution you are mixing. It delivers correct dilution automatically and avoids proportion mistakes as could possibly happen when mixing coolant by hand. This also means that you’ll save money since you can eliminate the chance of wasting expensive materials when a disproportioned solution is incorrectly created.  

To save time

Proportioner uses less time to mix the chemical and water than by hand. It also functions as dispenser of the mixed solution into any type of container, which again eliminates activities that waste time.

To give safer performance

Face it, accidents are more prone to happen when you mix coolants by hands than by using proportioner. Lessen the chance of getting your employees hurt by simply using this proportioner.

To prevent spills

Proportioner helps prevent spills. It mixes the liquid concentrates with water inside and only dispenses the needed amount of ready-to-use solution when you operate it.

Using a proportioner in your workplace will give you the above advantages. It’s effective, efficient, safe, and definitely an ideal application for wide range of solutions. Use the proportioner to dilute soaps, cleaning agents, disinfectant agents, detergents, sanitizers, acids and caustics, coolants and many other types of chemicals.

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