Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HiPower Drum Tumbler

A more powerful alternative tumbler than the Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator is this HiPower Drum Tumbler. With its simple and intuitive controls, the tumbler makes drum mixing a super easy job. Powerful drum tumbler allows you to load and unload drums easily and it works for fiber, steel and poly drums too!

Eliminate the hard job of mixing drum contents by using this powerful drum tumbler. You'll need to simply load drum at floor level, lock it using the cinch chain and top clamps, raise the drum to the top position by using the lift control valve, then begin mixing with the help of speed control (5-20 RPM). This drum tumbler can be used at 800 lbs of full drum capacity or 400 lbs of half drum capacity.

Choose between two motors of this HiPower Drum Tumbler. TEFC motor (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) is 2 HP and 230V while Air motor is 2 HP and 40 CFM at 40-60 psi. Contact us for more information on this product or to place an order. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drum Mixer: Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator

Some drum contents need mixing before use. To mix large quantity of content as such, you will need a drum mixer or a drum tumbler. In this occasion, we feature the Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator Drum Mixer.

Hydra-Left Rotator eliminates most labor work one usually has from horizontal drum mixing. You won't need a human operator in moving the drums from the vertical position to the horizontal one, thanks to the horizontal rotator. Therefore the drum contents can be mixed "hands-off" with no fear of spills or fumes.

The drum mixer works with most 55 gallon steel drums at your desired speed between 5-20 RPM. Once the mixing is complete, the rotator returns the drum's position to vertical, making it available for direct use.

The Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator Drum Mixer consists of eight 6" neoprene roller wheels that are adjustable for drums of various sizes to support the load. There is also 1" drive shaft that turns on ball bearings to keep its life on a low maintenance. It's equipped with one motor that powers the hydraulic pump, which enables both rotation and tilting functions of the machine. A motor starter switch and hydraulic valves are part of the design to ensure tilt and rotation control.

Choose your horizontal hydra-lift rotator drum mixer based on the types of its motor. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled mixer (TEFC) is HP, 230 volt, and 3-phase. Explosion-Proof motor (EP) is 1 HP, 230 volt, and 3-phase. And Air motor is 1 HP, using 40 CFM at 40-60 PSI, and constructed of structural steel frame.
Make mixing contents in drum easy from now on. Save energy, save time, and save money. Get a Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator now. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Clean a Reusable Food Plastic Containers from Stains

Cleaning a stained food plastic food container can be such a tough job if you don't know how to handle it. There are several ways that you can try to remove this colored stain from your food grade plastic containers as described in the following.

Wash the food containers with warm water
The first most effective ways to get rid of greases from the last food you stored in the plastic container is by washing it with warm water. Rinse the container with the warm water, then wash it with a dishwashing soap. Dry it with a kitchen towel. This will help the stain-removing act get started.

Remove the stains
Removing the stains from the food container is obviously the main action. You can choose and try some of these ways and see which one works best for your container.

·         Let the sun do the work
If the sun shines brightly at the time you want to get rid of the stain from your plastic container, you can try this method. Just like sun fades the color away from your clothes and hair, it could also do the job with your plastic containers. After washing, leave the container under the sun exposure for two, three or more hours. The stain should fade away or even disappear completely. Wash again with warm water if it does.

·         Use bleach
In some cases, the sun only can't banish the food stains from the container. This is the time when you may consider using bleach. To do this, make a solution of one part bleach and two parts of water. Fill your clean food containers, and let the bleach soak for half an hour in a well-ventilated area. Afterwards, throw away the bleach solution and by wearing rubber gloves, wash your plastic container with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Dry your container with kitchen towel.

·         Deodorize the container
If there is a bad smell coming from your plastic container, use a baking soda solution to clean the container. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water, then using a sponge of a brush, clean the container with the baking soda solution. You can also use a diluted vinegar solution to do this.

One of the methods above should be able to clear the stains and/or stinks in your food plastic container. For future use, spray the insides of the plastic containers lightly with cooking oil before placing the food. This will help prevent the containers from getting stains. Good luck!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick Connect Dispensing System

Have you ever had one of those bottles that spills out its content as you accidentally knock it over? If the content in discussion is valuable and expensive or if it pours over an expensive piece of furniture, this spilling accident could be such a bother. For this type of product you may want to consider having this Quick Connect Dispensing System. The simple, low-cost dispensing system has a 2-sided non-spill design, which reduces the chance of spilling and protects bottles against accidental disconnects.

The Quick Connect Dispensing System features Puncture Seal (PS), a patented ¼" flow system that has PS closure cap and a unique quick connect coupler that breaks the membrane seal of the cap automatically when connected. There's an automatic shut off valve that stops expensive or dangerous spillage.

The dispensing system fits most bottles' 38 mm fitment necks, promotes easier and faster installations and has fewer leak points to avoid accidental spillage. Choose from Quick Connect Dispensing System with ¼" hose barb (PP coupling body), 3/8" hose barb (PP coupling body), 38 mm threaded LDPE PS closure, to Snap-In LDPE PS closure for Hedwin Cubitainer. These are all inexpensive but effective in eliminating spillage from most manufacturers' bottles.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Drum Quick Pro Dip Tube System for Plastic Drums and Steel Drums

When dealing with harmful chemicals, no matter how harmless they look when kept in their designated storage, workers must be extra careful in handling them. Even a little tiny bit of spill or splash can be dangerous for the workers and the whole plant environment. Drum Quick Pro Dip Tube System helps minimize this possibility to happen with its closed dispensing system, encouraging a safer, drier and faster container change outs.

The integrated dip tube system is very easy to use and significantly reduces messy handling, cross chemical contamination and chemical exposure. Its rugged design makes it excellent to operate even in the harshest environments, yet still deliver a safe chemical handling result. From the video above, you've learnt how the Drum Quick Pro lessens the chance of workers being exposed to chemicals, thus promoting a safer, drier and faster turnover.

Choose this amazing quick connect/disconnect coupler based on the type of your drums. We have Drum Quick Pro for steel drums and Drum Quick Pro for plastic drums. This coupler is reusable, though the bung adapter insert and dip tube should be best use for single use and disposable applications.

Check them out now and protect your workers and plants.

Friday, November 25, 2011

AeroVent 3 Can Recycling System

Every container must be completely dry and free of any liquid content to be considered as non-hazardous metal. In some cases, you can dry the containers with some of these methods explained here. However, for aerosol cans you might need a special tool to get that liquid out of the container. You might need AeroVent 3 Can Recycling System.

The AeroVent 3 Can Recycling System takes out residual liquids in aerosol cans, converting them from hazardous solid waste to recyclable one. When there is no liquid inside these cans, de-pressurized cans can be recycled, crushed and then called non-hazardous scrap metal. This system complies with EPA 40 CFR 261.7 and 40 CFR 261.23 regulations.

The complete AeroVent 3 Can Recycling System includes vapor absorbing carbon filter, support stand, grounding wire, and activated carbon filter. The latter can be replaced after processing about 600 cans, which can be ordered here. The can recycling system fits 2" bung of 30 or 55 gallon steel drum with the ability of holding up to 3 cans of 10" high and 2 ½"-3" diameter. There is a cobalt-tipped puncture pin that pricks the end of the can to release pressure and capture the residue inside the drum. Once the container is dry, the job is done and it can then be pressed with one of these drum/can compactors.

If you deal with aerosol cans or similar containers, do consider to have this recycling system so that your solid waste can be processed more easily and properly. It'll save cost for your disposal budget and it'll also be kinder to the environment compared to trashing hazardous wastes. Check it out!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

High Volume Can and Pail Crusher

A crusher with bigger strength and time efficiency than the Big Squeeze Can and Pail Crusher is this High Volume Can and Pail Crusher. Crushing and automatically ejecting compacted containers up to 5 gallon in 20 seconds, the can and pail crusher shrinks container's volume by 90%. The crusher can accept 5 gallon pail or up to 4 one gallon cans per cycle.

The crusher is supported by a structural steel stand where you put a 55 gallon drum underneath the crusher element. As cans are completely crushed, the scrap falls into the drum. The High Volume Can and Pail Crusher is 100% air-operated by using 90-100 psi. It's equipped with regulator, filter and lubricator for regular maintenance.

Use this high volume can and pail crusher to save time in disposing bigger cans and pails.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Accessories for Pack-Master Trash Compactors

When you have decided to buy a Pack-Master Trash Compactor, you may want to buy some accessories for the compactor, based on your needs. Look at the list of versatile accessories below that may be of a help for you when compacting your solid trash.

Especially when you don't have a designated place for your trash compactor, or the workplace is just too large to move trash around, why don't you make your trash compactor portable so that it can go to the trash instead? Just attach this wheel kit ($366.95) consisting of dual-bearing wheels of 12" diameter x 4" wide pneumatic tires to your trash compactor and you'll be able to take it anywhere you want to go.

Use this Roll-Out Base to get drum easily in and out the Pack-Master Trash Compactor. Especially useful when the solid waste is heavy.

Sorbent basket is 12" deep x 21" diameter and equipped with 16 gauge steel slotted wall and 14 gauge perforated bottom. Hang it inside a 55 gallon open-head drum and let it extract any leftover liquid from the solid waste to fall into the base of the drum while the compactor is compacting the trash.

This accessory lets you easily remove the compacted trash. The split drum is made of polyethylene, which can be lined with a polyethylene liner where trash is compacted. After the compaction is completed, release the front latches and take out the liner with the compacted trash. Easy and convenient.

As you can see, the accessories above have their own advantages to some types of waste. Choose one or two that may be useful for the trash you typically dispose to make your life easier and more efficient.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Compacting Trash with Pack-Master Trash Compactor

Compacting trash is a standard practice in most industries in the United States. It increases the density of the trash before being transported to the landfill, which ultimately reduces the cost of transfer cost that could be enormous when trash is not compacted. The Pack-Master Trash Compactor helps industries compact their solid waste with 4 to 1 compaction ratio. This compactor reduces the costs normally spent for waste disposal; therefore increases its recycling revenue.

Gather your industrial solid waste, such as aluminum cans, crush paper, absorbents, disposable clothing and filters into a 55 gallon drum and compact the whole thing into scrap metal with the Pack-Master's 4000 lbs. of compacting power.

You have three compactor models to choose from; i.e. Manual Pack-Master Trash Compactor, Air-Operated Trash Compactor and Spark Resistant Air Trash Compactor. The manual compactor promotes easy, simple and safe use, while air-operated one features higher speed operation. The spark resistant trash compactor offers a HDPE-covered ram plate and drum skid area with LDPE-covered frame uprights. Place an open-head drum up to 39" tall and pump the ram lever like automobile jack and let it completely cycle in 1 minute.

The trash compactors are designed with excellent safety measures, which include the control arm that keeps user's hands and face at distance with the compacter. It will also stop cycle when arm is lowered or dropped.

Compacting your solid trash this way saves you a lot of money from the expensive disposal transport cost. It's definitely a good idea to have one of these around at the workplace.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Importance of Draining Liquid in Drums before Crushing or Compacting

Before crushing or compacting steel drums, cans or pails, it is highly important to drain all the liquid content inside before crushing to avoid any material turning rusty, especially the compactor itself. Also, we have to make sure that these liquids are not hazardous or special treatment must be applied before it contaminates other stacks of metals, which could later be hazardous as well for humans. Next is how we drain these liquids before crushing drums.

For non-hazardous liquids

If you are completely sure that the liquids in the drum you are about to compact is non-hazardous, simply let it drain to another container in an upside down manner overnight. When it’s done, wipe the whole drum from any leftover liquids.

For hazardous liquids

Follow the safety procedure of disposing hazardous liquid. If it can still be reused, then keep it for future use. In the motor oil case, for example, you should NOT drain it in the toilet, sink, ground or any place that may allow it to have contact with clean water and contaminate the whole pond and living things living in it. Instead, go to the nearest mechanic shop and ask them if you can leave the used motor oil there. Most will happily accept it, as mechanics know how to recycle used motor oil to new usable oil. Use applicable safety gear when handling/draining hazardous liquids to keep yourself safe. Make sure the drum is totally free of hazmat, and then you can start crushing it.

For unknown liquids

You don’t know whether the liquid stored in the drums are safe or hazardous. In this case, you should perform a test or have a special consultant to test the content of your drum to make sure it’s safe for disposal. This may be costly, though still not as costly as injuring many lives when the liquid contaminates the environment.

Act responsibly for the better future of our children. If every business and household does this, a brighter future for our kids is definitely plausible. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can and Pail Crusher

If there is drum crusher, there must be can and pail crusher. The Big Squeeze Can and Pail Crusher crushes steel pails and cans up to 15” tall x 12” diameter in less than one minute. Use this crusher with fully automatic cycle and reduce your disposal costs by 75%!

The can and pail crusher is ready to use with automatic cycle that operates even without human presence. If the door is opened, safety interlock will stop machine to work. Made of heavy-duty structural steel frame and industrial grade components, the Big Squeeze Can and Pail Crusher works with 85-115 psi shop air supply to develop up to 13,000 lbs. force. While doing so the contents are drained into a separate container.

Choose between Big Squeeze Can and Pail Crusher with 15”H x 12”D container size and the floor stand can and pail crusher. Get this inexpensive can and pail crusher for merely $174.95 and save money on regular disposal costs.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drum Crusher Turns Drums into Pancakes

When the scrap dealers refuse to take your unused drums for not knowing what’s inside, that’s the time you need to start thinking about drum crusher. Turn your drums into 4” size pancakes with this drum crusher, and the EPA will consider them as scrap metal instead of merely empty drums. This saves a lot of space, a lot of time and a lot of money on drum disposal. You can’t go wrong with a drum crusher.

The said drum crusher and/or compactor operates 24/7 nonstop. In a day it can crush about 100 drums with its magnificent 60,000 lb crushing force per 60 seconds. It’s super easy to operate, thanks to its automatic one-button operation and the quick-change platen for easy conversion to in-drum compacting.

This drum crusher has an oversized chamber of 48”H x 30”W x 30”D made of durable 3/8” steel that makes it possible to crush up to 85 gallon drums. Put solid (non-hazardous) waste inside and turn it into metal scrap pancake along with the drum. The crusher is designed to eliminate the possibility of bent rods due to its unique reverse orientation dual cylinder.

The factory’s life saver costs $ 19,875.95 and is worth every penny. Check it out here or contact us to place your order. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Advantages of Using Drums Crusher and Compactor

There are many advantages a company can get from using a drum crusher or drum compactor. Especially for businesses that deal with a lot of metal drums, cans and pails, the drum crusher can be highly beneficial. Read on to find out about these benefits.

Saving storage space
Having many unused drums takes a lot of space! Using a drum crusher this space can be saved and used for storing other things or just so that one can move more freely at the workplace.

Saving disposal cost
Sending off drums full of contents as hazardous waste or empty drums for disposal costs so much money. Crush the drums into metal scrap pancakes (with or without contents) will save you from enormous shipping bill.

Caring about environment
Compacted solid wastes wouldn’t fill the landfill as quickly as not compacting them. Compacting empty drums – after proper draining of liquid contents – will also make recycling process easier and you’ll get increase in recycling revenue.

Drum crusher may be a little costly in the beginning when you purchase it. But as soon as you see your business grows, this crusher will eventually save you from spending so much money on product disposal. So do consider having this drum crusher for your business and avoid the chance of polluting the earth with untreated drums and wastes, have the luxury of large space to move around and save the budget in the long run.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Safety Funnels

We use safety funnels when we have to handle flammable liquids. These funnels are designed to have flame arrestor and extra safety measures to ensure safe handling of this type of product. Read on to see the types of safety funnels we have.

This funnel has a large octagon shape that covers the top of the drum, keeping it clean from possible spills and splashes. Made of 100% linear LDPE, the funnels are great to use with 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums. The funnel has FM-approved brass fill vent that relieves pressure at 5 psi and a 6" perforated flame arrestor to avoid flash back ignition. Fill gauge will pop out if drum is almost full so that accidental overfilling can be avoided. Read more of this awesome funnel here.

This funnel complies with EPA and OSHA regulations. It has a hinged padlockable lid to reduce vapors and automatically snap shut in case of fire. The funnel also has a built-in flame arrestor to prevent flashback. Made of heavy duty 18-gauge galvanized steel with epoxy powder coat finish that makes it durable and chemical resistant. This funnel works with 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums.

Other safety funnels include funnels with 9" diameter bowl that fits 2" NPT bung. The FM-approved safety vent has built-in flame arrestor to provide automatic pressure and vacuum relief. Choose between copper funnel and HDPE funnel with the choices of vent plug or flame arrestor of brass, stainless steel or non-metallic plug with stainless flash arrestor. Click here to see your options.

Remember, when handling fire-sensitive products, you cannot use just any funnel. Safety funnel keeps you from dangerous accidents that may be caused by these flammable goods.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Perfect Funnels for Bottles, Jars and Other Small Containers

Unlike funnels for drums, the funnels for bottles, jars and other small containers are less complicated and ultimately inexpensive. All you need to do is find a simple funnel that fits the mouths of small containers. Below is the list of the perfect funnels for paint cans, jugs, bottles and jars.

While funnels with large mouth are extremely useful for application with drums, they may not be with smaller containers. Especially those that have no see-through walls. Smaller diameter of the contained area will prevent spilling when the jug or the bottle you are filling in is full. If spilling has to happen, it won't as much as large mouth funnels would cause. These simple low-cost utility funnels are good for filling smaller containers like bottles, jars and jugs.

Then we have economical transfer funnels, also for smaller containers application. These inexpensive funnels are designed simple but serving every filling purpose. Each funnel has a hole for hanging so that you can simply hang it after using it.

This funnel is perhaps more useful to use with containers that aren't see-through. The funnel has a pop-up fill indicator (bright yellow) to help you find out when to stop filling. This useful funnel is small but due to the versatile indicator it can also be used to fill in drums with waste liquid disposal.

Use these easy inexpensive Snap n' Pour funnels for your metal and plastic containers. They protect against spills and drips during pouring as one of the sides holds a 28 mm plastic neck finish and 1" metal screw cap opening, while the other side fits 38 mm neck finish and 1 ¼" metal screw cap opening. Get them in multi color six pack for only $ 12.87.

These flex funnel spouts are excellent if you want to control the flow of the content you are pouring. Simply bend the flex spout and it'll stop running. Snap back and it goes on again. They fit 38 mm, 28 mm and 22 mm plastic bottles.

Get one of these useful funnels for your jugs, bottles and jars and save your content from spilling.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Locked-In Funnels

Funnels can be helpful to your work to avoid the mess from splashing and spilling. But unsteady funnels can even create more chaos when not secured correctly to the bung opening of the drum. One way to get your funnel to stick there is to choose one with a long stem. Another way is to have a funnel that has a screw-in or locked-in function, as listed below.
3 gallon screw-in funnel

3 gallon screw-in funnel
This screw-in funnel is perfect to use for both plastic drums and steel drums. It screws into 2” NPS opening to securely hold funnel in place. The funnel is made of 100% heavy polyethylene wall and can hold up to 3 gallon before content falls into the drum.

Burp-free funnel
The burp-free funnel prevents back splashing when content is poured. Made of 100% polyethylene with padlockable hinged lid, the funnel screws in to 2” NPS bung opening. Choose between 2 gallon burp-free funnel and 5 gallon burp-free funnel. You might like this one for its excellent resistance to rust and most chemicals.

Side Fill drum funnel
The side fill drum funnel has a unique look. It works with 2” bung opening of any drum as its four steel “legs” stand on the side of the drum to prevent the funnel from tipping over. The funnel is made of galvanized steel and can hold up to 12 quart of content.

High speed funnel
This heavy duty galvanized steel high speed funnel screws directly into 2” bung opening. It has a large capacity of 14 quarts and mounts solidly into the drum opening.

No-Tilt Screw-In funnel
This simple funnel with 3 quart capacity is made of 100% flexible polyethylene that won’t rust or dent. It screws to a 2” bung opening, ensuring the funnel to stay in place while we pour the content into the drum.

Screw-in funnel with lid
Keep this polyethylene drum funnel locked into your drum and you don’t ever need to remove it, thanks to the lid that keeps the funnel and the content of drum away from unwanted particles. This lid can also be padlocked to prevent unauthorized access. Capacity: 3 quart.

EZ Smart 2 gallon funnel
As all drum funnels in this category, EZ smart funnel can also be screwed into a 2” drum bung opening. The difference is the EZ smart funnel has an extension at its base that traps air and thus prevents overflowing when the content is poured.

Locked-in funnels eliminate the possibility of chaotic work surroundings when you’re transferring liquid materials from one container to the other. Especially if the item you are removing is incredibly expensive, the locked-in funnels above can save you a lot of money.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Drum Funnels: Which One Should I Choose?

This is where it gets complicated. When you have drums, which funnels should you take that fits your need? We are summarizing some funnels below based on the types of drums.

Funnels for Tight-Head drums

drum pump funnel
·         Drum Funnel with 5” high rim
This drum funnel made of 100% polyethylene fits both 30 gallon and 55 gallon tight-head drums. The high rim and the large 18” diameter prevent the chance of splashing and spilling. Choose between funnel with screen and funnel without screen. The screen acts as a barrier for small particles to get into the drums. Add a cover for the drum funnel to keep dirt outside.

·         Drip Sentinel Drum Pump Funnel
The drip sentinel drum pump funnel is perfect to use with 55 gallon tight-head drums. You can also combine it with a running pump as it catches the liquids that are splashed and spilled during pumping back into the drum.

·         Drum Pump Funnel
Another funnel that works with drum pump to consider apart from the Drip Sentinel funnel above is this Drum Pump Funnel that catches drips and spills. It eliminates chaotic drum tops as the pump is working. The funnel works with any drum pump as ¾” drain fits into the opposite bung opening. Available in different eye-catching colors for easy product identification.

Funnels for Closed Head Drums

·         Ultra Universal Funnel
This LDPE funnel in octagon shape will keep your drum tops clean. It fits 30 gallon and 55 gallon closed head drums with 2” bung opening. With large diameter and high sidewalls, the funnel can contain approximately 6 gallon of content. That means you can pour at faster rate than normal funnels.

·         Drainmate Superfunnel
Mount this Drainmate Superfunnel onto a 55 gallon closed head drum. With great support up to 300 lbs, this funnel is equipped with a drain tube with anti spill valve, ensuring that your drum will never get overfilled. A large heavy duty steel funnel of 24” x 24” x 8”, the funnel is perfect to drain oil, parts washing solvent, and liquid contaminated waste. That’s an easy and inexpensive way to dispose dry solids which were formerly blended in the liquid.

Funnels for Open Head Drums

·         Ultra Open Head Drum Funnel
Scrap that Open Head lid and use this Ultra Open Head Drum Funnel instead. Made of all polyethylene, the funnel fits well to a 55 gallon steel or plastic drum. Its base secures to the drum and the thumb screws ensure the funnel is correctly locked. There is a hinged lockable cover to keep dirt out of the funnel and the drum.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Best Funnels for Pails

If you are utilizing pails for most of your liquid goods, you may want to take a look at some funnels we have. Some pails may not need to use funnels at all, but with the open and closed-head steel  pails, you might need one. Or if you are in a condition where you need to strain the liquid from unwanted materials, you will need one of these best funnels for pails below.

These HDPE strainers are perfect to use when you want to pour certain liquid materials to a 5 gallon pail WITHOUT dirt or any other particles that may be in the liquid. Simply snug the strainer into the mouth of an open head 5 gallon bucket and pour over the liquid. The unwanted particles stay on the strainer while the liquid is transferred to the bucket, clean! The strainer’s screen is made of nylon with 3 different sizes of screen hole to choose from. Get the fine strainer (200 micron EZ strainer) for water and thin solvents, medium strainer (400 micron EZ strainer) for inks, or coarse strainer (600 micron EZ strainer) for paints.

This funnel is perfect for use with 3 gallon to 6 gallon pails. If you ever need to drain bottles, labwares, or cans into one of those pails, you can just do it with this versatile polyethylene funnel. Made of 100% HDPE, the funnel has 2” high side walls that help prevent splashes and spills. If you intend to leave the funnel on the pail for another time’s use, use a snap-on cover to keep dirt out.

Funnels for Open and Closed Head Steel Pails

These steel pails might need funnels similar to those used in drums with 2” bung. Ideally the wider the mouth of the funnel is, the better chance it is to avoid splashing. You may use Big Bell Super Duty Funnel, Utility Warehouse Funnel, Economical Transfer Funnel, or Low Cost Utility Funnel. Best exercise is to check the complete funnel list we have here, and choose which funnel is the most suitable for you. If you need any assistance in getting the right funnel for you, don’t hesitate to email us.

Happy Funnel Browsing!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Drum Funnels

Let’s talk about drum funnels. When do we use them? Why should we use them? Which funnels are best for my needs? How to get the right funnels for me? Stay reading and find the answers.

What is a funnel?

According to Wikipedia, a funnel is a pipe with a wide, conical mouth and narrow stem. One should insert the stem into the mouth of a bottle or other types of containers to transfer (mostly) liquid substance into it.

When do we use a funnel?

You should use a funnel when you want to transfer liquid or grain materials from one container to another with narrow opening mouth.

Why should we use a funnel?

Imagine that you have to pour your homemade beer into small bottles with about 2” wide mouth. Without using a funnel, chances are you’ll lose most of your long hard work brewing the beer as it’ll drop somewhere else BUT inside the bottles. The existence of a funnel makes your life a whole lot easier.

Which funnels are best for my needs?

It really depends on what type of liquid you intend to transfer and to what container it should end up in. If you just need to transfer everyday things like water or frying oil in small amounts, you can use this low cost utility funnel. It does the work without having to be pricey. However, materials like flammable wastes should be handled properly by using dedicated funnel, like these safety funnels. Some other liquid materials like ink, oil etc. need to be sifted first to get the purest result, leaving away other unwanted particles on the funnel’s strainer.

How to get the right funnels for me?

Bay Tec has a wide collection of funnels. Choose from funnels for use with drums, with pails, with flammable materials, with strainer, with screw to avoid funnel tipped over, etc. You need to firstly ask yourself what type of application you will use the funnel for. Browse our extensive list of funnels and choose one that is right for you. Our next following blog posts will cover different types of funnels based on different types of application and containers. Check them out soon. If you can’t wait, you can always email our representatives for further assistance. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Office Containers: Why You Need Them

Though it sounds simple and easily forgotten, office organization is highly important. Having a disorganized office space can take away your valuable time, which otherwise could be used for something else more useful and profitable for the company. By being organized with all the little things and details that your office needs, you can avoid spending hours just to find that important contract you signed with a specific client 8 months ago. This is where labeled office containers can be of a great use.

Take an example of this simple Steel Shelving System. This can be a nice solution for storing your office details. All you need to do is put the right labels on the front part of each bin according to the associated contents. For example the bins are specified for containing “Mails to Read”, “To File”, “Past Contracts”, “Ongoing Contracts”, “Bills”, “Contact List”, etc. You can also use one of them to store “One-Sided Printed Paper” so that you don’t need to take new piece of paper whenever you need to write something. REUSE whenever you can.

The various diameter and width of bins of different shelves also allow you to contain other things than paper. Why not keep your stationary there? Or CDs, External Hard drives, even screwdrivers! The shelving system is as versatile as you can ever imagine! Color code each bin, and voila, finding items is never a problem anymore.

Choose between Single-Bin Steel Shelving System and Multi-Bin Steel Shelving System. Get either the 12” Shelving System or the 18” Shelving System, whichever suits your need. Find the complete list in this link, or email us for further assistance.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turning Old Plastic Containers to Recycling Bins

If you care about the environment and want to participate in saving the mother earth, you can start recycling at home. There are numerous ways on how to do it, as the article of the above link mentions. One of them is using unused plastic containers as recycling bins.

Almost every household has plastic containers. They can be in the form of 5 gallon buckets, 4 gallon square buckets, or even plastic drums. If you have one of these, you can already start your home recycling program.

SkyTrain Yellow Recycle Bin

We will need several containers for different types of wastes. You can simply sort them into two: organic and inorganic waste bins, or dedicate four containers for different waste materials. To make it easier for the whole family to throw the right waste to the right bin, you may paint the containers in bright colors. For example, green for organic wastes, blue for paper wastes, red for plastic, and yellow for cans.

Trash Recycling with Disposal Containers

Easy, right? If you have a big household that produces more wastes than others or you don’t want to make too often runs to the recycling company, do consider getting bigger containers for this purpose. Why not use used plastic drums? Not only do you reuse these plastic drums, minimizing the creation of new plastic materials, but you also use them to contain things to be recycled! This is also ideal for companies or factories that want to take part in recycling program. Used plastic drum is your answer to create your recycling bins. Simply paint what the drum is dedicated for or have one of these recycling stickers/decals and you’re good to go in the recycling surge.

Happy recycling!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Choose a Good 5 Gallon Bucket

After 5 gallon buckets get acknowledged of their versatility, the next question that pops out is how to choose a good 5 gallon bucket for you. People may think that this is not quite necessary to know – after all, all 5 gallon buckets are the same, right? But they are not quite the same. Most 5 gallon buckets are designed quite uniformly to attend to general needs, but some are built tougher. It all depends on what you are going to use the 5 gallon buckets for. Check out the tips below for choosing the right good 5 gallon buckets for you.

70 mil or 90 mil buckets?

The standard 5 gallon buckets sold at home depot and builders supply stores are of 70 mil. These buckets are cheap and not strong enough to hold heavy stuff. If you want to use a bucket to store your children toys or as a trash can, please go ahead. But for heavier goods, we suggest you to take the 90 mil 5 gallon bucket. This type of bucket is able to hold up to 65 pounds of dry goods and the handle is also strong enough to transport the bucket safely from one place to another. Think, if you use cheap, easy-to-break pails to store your goods, what good does it bring when it falls apart faster than you expect and you can do nothing else but throw it away?

Food safe or not?

Most 70 mil buckets you can buy at the builders stores are not made of FDA-approved plastic resin material, thus can’t be used to store any food products. So if you mean to use these buckets for garage purposes, for example, you can proceed. However, if you want to utilize the 5 gallon buckets for long term food storage, do make sure that your 5 gallon buckets are food safe and strong enough to hold heavy food products.


90 mil 5 gallon buckets will last very, very long before you need to throw them away. But when you do, please do that properly. Your 5 gallon buckets should ideally be made of recyclable plastic materials. This means when you can no longer use them, you can send them to the recycling company and have them made into something else useful; like plastic chairs, recycling bins, etc. This way nothing goes wasted at the landfill waiting forever before they can ever get degraded. Support and save the earth, and the world will be a much better place for our children.

Now that you know more about 5 gallon buckets, which 5 gallon pails are you going to buy?

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