Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Accessories for Pack-Master Trash Compactors

When you have decided to buy a Pack-Master Trash Compactor, you may want to buy some accessories for the compactor, based on your needs. Look at the list of versatile accessories below that may be of a help for you when compacting your solid trash.

Especially when you don't have a designated place for your trash compactor, or the workplace is just too large to move trash around, why don't you make your trash compactor portable so that it can go to the trash instead? Just attach this wheel kit ($366.95) consisting of dual-bearing wheels of 12" diameter x 4" wide pneumatic tires to your trash compactor and you'll be able to take it anywhere you want to go.

Use this Roll-Out Base to get drum easily in and out the Pack-Master Trash Compactor. Especially useful when the solid waste is heavy.

Sorbent basket is 12" deep x 21" diameter and equipped with 16 gauge steel slotted wall and 14 gauge perforated bottom. Hang it inside a 55 gallon open-head drum and let it extract any leftover liquid from the solid waste to fall into the base of the drum while the compactor is compacting the trash.

This accessory lets you easily remove the compacted trash. The split drum is made of polyethylene, which can be lined with a polyethylene liner where trash is compacted. After the compaction is completed, release the front latches and take out the liner with the compacted trash. Easy and convenient.

As you can see, the accessories above have their own advantages to some types of waste. Choose one or two that may be useful for the trash you typically dispose to make your life easier and more efficient.

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  1. To process the solid waste dumped from incoming trucks, operators use bulldozers to spread and pack it down. They cover the waste with a layer of soil or other materials to reduce odors, fire hazards, and the incidence of disease from flies and rats.


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