Friday, November 18, 2011

The Advantages of Using Drums Crusher and Compactor

There are many advantages a company can get from using a drum crusher or drum compactor. Especially for businesses that deal with a lot of metal drums, cans and pails, the drum crusher can be highly beneficial. Read on to find out about these benefits.

Saving storage space
Having many unused drums takes a lot of space! Using a drum crusher this space can be saved and used for storing other things or just so that one can move more freely at the workplace.

Saving disposal cost
Sending off drums full of contents as hazardous waste or empty drums for disposal costs so much money. Crush the drums into metal scrap pancakes (with or without contents) will save you from enormous shipping bill.

Caring about environment
Compacted solid wastes wouldn’t fill the landfill as quickly as not compacting them. Compacting empty drums – after proper draining of liquid contents – will also make recycling process easier and you’ll get increase in recycling revenue.

Drum crusher may be a little costly in the beginning when you purchase it. But as soon as you see your business grows, this crusher will eventually save you from spending so much money on product disposal. So do consider having this drum crusher for your business and avoid the chance of polluting the earth with untreated drums and wastes, have the luxury of large space to move around and save the budget in the long run.

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