Saturday, November 12, 2011

Best Funnels for Pails

If you are utilizing pails for most of your liquid goods, you may want to take a look at some funnels we have. Some pails may not need to use funnels at all, but with the open and closed-head steel  pails, you might need one. Or if you are in a condition where you need to strain the liquid from unwanted materials, you will need one of these best funnels for pails below.

These HDPE strainers are perfect to use when you want to pour certain liquid materials to a 5 gallon pail WITHOUT dirt or any other particles that may be in the liquid. Simply snug the strainer into the mouth of an open head 5 gallon bucket and pour over the liquid. The unwanted particles stay on the strainer while the liquid is transferred to the bucket, clean! The strainer’s screen is made of nylon with 3 different sizes of screen hole to choose from. Get the fine strainer (200 micron EZ strainer) for water and thin solvents, medium strainer (400 micron EZ strainer) for inks, or coarse strainer (600 micron EZ strainer) for paints.

This funnel is perfect for use with 3 gallon to 6 gallon pails. If you ever need to drain bottles, labwares, or cans into one of those pails, you can just do it with this versatile polyethylene funnel. Made of 100% HDPE, the funnel has 2” high side walls that help prevent splashes and spills. If you intend to leave the funnel on the pail for another time’s use, use a snap-on cover to keep dirt out.

Funnels for Open and Closed Head Steel Pails

These steel pails might need funnels similar to those used in drums with 2” bung. Ideally the wider the mouth of the funnel is, the better chance it is to avoid splashing. You may use Big Bell Super Duty Funnel, Utility Warehouse Funnel, Economical Transfer Funnel, or Low Cost Utility Funnel. Best exercise is to check the complete funnel list we have here, and choose which funnel is the most suitable for you. If you need any assistance in getting the right funnel for you, don’t hesitate to email us.

Happy Funnel Browsing!

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