Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Compacting Trash with Pack-Master Trash Compactor

Compacting trash is a standard practice in most industries in the United States. It increases the density of the trash before being transported to the landfill, which ultimately reduces the cost of transfer cost that could be enormous when trash is not compacted. The Pack-Master Trash Compactor helps industries compact their solid waste with 4 to 1 compaction ratio. This compactor reduces the costs normally spent for waste disposal; therefore increases its recycling revenue.

Gather your industrial solid waste, such as aluminum cans, crush paper, absorbents, disposable clothing and filters into a 55 gallon drum and compact the whole thing into scrap metal with the Pack-Master's 4000 lbs. of compacting power.

You have three compactor models to choose from; i.e. Manual Pack-Master Trash Compactor, Air-Operated Trash Compactor and Spark Resistant Air Trash Compactor. The manual compactor promotes easy, simple and safe use, while air-operated one features higher speed operation. The spark resistant trash compactor offers a HDPE-covered ram plate and drum skid area with LDPE-covered frame uprights. Place an open-head drum up to 39" tall and pump the ram lever like automobile jack and let it completely cycle in 1 minute.

The trash compactors are designed with excellent safety measures, which include the control arm that keeps user's hands and face at distance with the compacter. It will also stop cycle when arm is lowered or dropped.

Compacting your solid trash this way saves you a lot of money from the expensive disposal transport cost. It's definitely a good idea to have one of these around at the workplace.

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