Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drum Crusher Turns Drums into Pancakes

When the scrap dealers refuse to take your unused drums for not knowing what’s inside, that’s the time you need to start thinking about drum crusher. Turn your drums into 4” size pancakes with this drum crusher, and the EPA will consider them as scrap metal instead of merely empty drums. This saves a lot of space, a lot of time and a lot of money on drum disposal. You can’t go wrong with a drum crusher.

The said drum crusher and/or compactor operates 24/7 nonstop. In a day it can crush about 100 drums with its magnificent 60,000 lb crushing force per 60 seconds. It’s super easy to operate, thanks to its automatic one-button operation and the quick-change platen for easy conversion to in-drum compacting.

This drum crusher has an oversized chamber of 48”H x 30”W x 30”D made of durable 3/8” steel that makes it possible to crush up to 85 gallon drums. Put solid (non-hazardous) waste inside and turn it into metal scrap pancake along with the drum. The crusher is designed to eliminate the possibility of bent rods due to its unique reverse orientation dual cylinder.

The factory’s life saver costs $ 19,875.95 and is worth every penny. Check it out here or contact us to place your order. 

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  1. Hydraulic drum crusher/compactor crushes steel drums and resets automatically to crush another drum. Included drum compacting feature allows you to compact contents inside the drum by simply removing the drum crushing platen.


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