Sunday, November 13, 2011

Drum Funnels: Which One Should I Choose?

This is where it gets complicated. When you have drums, which funnels should you take that fits your need? We are summarizing some funnels below based on the types of drums.

Funnels for Tight-Head drums

drum pump funnel
·         Drum Funnel with 5” high rim
This drum funnel made of 100% polyethylene fits both 30 gallon and 55 gallon tight-head drums. The high rim and the large 18” diameter prevent the chance of splashing and spilling. Choose between funnel with screen and funnel without screen. The screen acts as a barrier for small particles to get into the drums. Add a cover for the drum funnel to keep dirt outside.

·         Drip Sentinel Drum Pump Funnel
The drip sentinel drum pump funnel is perfect to use with 55 gallon tight-head drums. You can also combine it with a running pump as it catches the liquids that are splashed and spilled during pumping back into the drum.

·         Drum Pump Funnel
Another funnel that works with drum pump to consider apart from the Drip Sentinel funnel above is this Drum Pump Funnel that catches drips and spills. It eliminates chaotic drum tops as the pump is working. The funnel works with any drum pump as ¾” drain fits into the opposite bung opening. Available in different eye-catching colors for easy product identification.

Funnels for Closed Head Drums

·         Ultra Universal Funnel
This LDPE funnel in octagon shape will keep your drum tops clean. It fits 30 gallon and 55 gallon closed head drums with 2” bung opening. With large diameter and high sidewalls, the funnel can contain approximately 6 gallon of content. That means you can pour at faster rate than normal funnels.

·         Drainmate Superfunnel
Mount this Drainmate Superfunnel onto a 55 gallon closed head drum. With great support up to 300 lbs, this funnel is equipped with a drain tube with anti spill valve, ensuring that your drum will never get overfilled. A large heavy duty steel funnel of 24” x 24” x 8”, the funnel is perfect to drain oil, parts washing solvent, and liquid contaminated waste. That’s an easy and inexpensive way to dispose dry solids which were formerly blended in the liquid.

Funnels for Open Head Drums

·         Ultra Open Head Drum Funnel
Scrap that Open Head lid and use this Ultra Open Head Drum Funnel instead. Made of all polyethylene, the funnel fits well to a 55 gallon steel or plastic drum. Its base secures to the drum and the thumb screws ensure the funnel is correctly locked. There is a hinged lockable cover to keep dirt out of the funnel and the drum.

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