Friday, November 11, 2011

Drum Funnels

Let’s talk about drum funnels. When do we use them? Why should we use them? Which funnels are best for my needs? How to get the right funnels for me? Stay reading and find the answers.

What is a funnel?

According to Wikipedia, a funnel is a pipe with a wide, conical mouth and narrow stem. One should insert the stem into the mouth of a bottle or other types of containers to transfer (mostly) liquid substance into it.

When do we use a funnel?

You should use a funnel when you want to transfer liquid or grain materials from one container to another with narrow opening mouth.

Why should we use a funnel?

Imagine that you have to pour your homemade beer into small bottles with about 2” wide mouth. Without using a funnel, chances are you’ll lose most of your long hard work brewing the beer as it’ll drop somewhere else BUT inside the bottles. The existence of a funnel makes your life a whole lot easier.

Which funnels are best for my needs?

It really depends on what type of liquid you intend to transfer and to what container it should end up in. If you just need to transfer everyday things like water or frying oil in small amounts, you can use this low cost utility funnel. It does the work without having to be pricey. However, materials like flammable wastes should be handled properly by using dedicated funnel, like these safety funnels. Some other liquid materials like ink, oil etc. need to be sifted first to get the purest result, leaving away other unwanted particles on the funnel’s strainer.

How to get the right funnels for me?

Bay Tec has a wide collection of funnels. Choose from funnels for use with drums, with pails, with flammable materials, with strainer, with screw to avoid funnel tipped over, etc. You need to firstly ask yourself what type of application you will use the funnel for. Browse our extensive list of funnels and choose one that is right for you. Our next following blog posts will cover different types of funnels based on different types of application and containers. Check them out soon. If you can’t wait, you can always email our representatives for further assistance. 

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