Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drum Mixer: Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator

Some drum contents need mixing before use. To mix large quantity of content as such, you will need a drum mixer or a drum tumbler. In this occasion, we feature the Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator Drum Mixer.

Hydra-Left Rotator eliminates most labor work one usually has from horizontal drum mixing. You won't need a human operator in moving the drums from the vertical position to the horizontal one, thanks to the horizontal rotator. Therefore the drum contents can be mixed "hands-off" with no fear of spills or fumes.

The drum mixer works with most 55 gallon steel drums at your desired speed between 5-20 RPM. Once the mixing is complete, the rotator returns the drum's position to vertical, making it available for direct use.

The Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator Drum Mixer consists of eight 6" neoprene roller wheels that are adjustable for drums of various sizes to support the load. There is also 1" drive shaft that turns on ball bearings to keep its life on a low maintenance. It's equipped with one motor that powers the hydraulic pump, which enables both rotation and tilting functions of the machine. A motor starter switch and hydraulic valves are part of the design to ensure tilt and rotation control.

Choose your horizontal hydra-lift rotator drum mixer based on the types of its motor. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled mixer (TEFC) is HP, 230 volt, and 3-phase. Explosion-Proof motor (EP) is 1 HP, 230 volt, and 3-phase. And Air motor is 1 HP, using 40 CFM at 40-60 PSI, and constructed of structural steel frame.
Make mixing contents in drum easy from now on. Save energy, save time, and save money. Get a Horizontal Hydra-Left Rotator now. 

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